PM Roosevelt Skerrit greenlights road construction in Vieille Case.

The populace living in the community appreciated PM Roosevelt Skerrit's efforts.

Roseau, Dominica: Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, took part in a road project in Vieille Case on Community Day of Service, one of several small projects undertaken in the constituency.

The Initiative began on Saturday, November 4, 2023. PM Skerrit is directly responsible for the construction road in Vieille Case, a community located on the picturesque island of Dominica. He shared numerous pictures of his visit to Vieille Case when the construction began.


The populace living in the community appreciated PM Roosevelt Skerrit’s efforts in launching this Initiative. They attended the ceremony in large numbers and contributed significantly to beginning the construction of the new road.

This new road project led by PM Skerrit is anticipated to enhance the infrastructure and connectivity of the region with other constituencies. The 4H Primary School and their teachers also came forward to contribute to the beautification project at the school.

They mentioned that projects like this, particularly when youth are involved, not only improve the physical appearance of the school but also cultivate a sense of pride and responsibility in young minds. The positive impact of the Initiative extends beyond the school and benefits the community as a whole.

Nurse Gilbert, a member of the Vieille Case community, also contributed significantly to the efforts of beautification of the Vieille Case. She herself planted appealing flowers in Penville, adding colours and natural beauty to the surroundings.

Her efforts demonstrated her dedication to developing the community and a deep sense of care about the community’s appearance.

Several officials from GIS Dominica were present at the occasion, including Octavia Prosper, Konica Jno Baptiste and Edward Philogene.


They played a vital role in documenting and sharing the heartwarming stories of the events that occurred in the community on Saturday, November 3, when PM Roosevelt Skerrit greenlighted the construction of a road in Vieille Case.

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