Tiktok star Purple Speedy’s fake pictures went viral on the internet.

Her fans are urging people not to share it.

Earlier today, an image started circulating on the internet in which famous TikToker and content creator Purple Speedy is shown without any clothes.

However, Purple Speedy hasn’t reacted to this till now, while one of her fan pages named ‘upcoming Nollywood actor and actress worldwide’ came in support of her and stated that the circulating image is fake and is an edited picture of one of a famous picture of purple speedy and should not be considered as real.



Moreover, it isn’t a new thing in Nigeria when an inappropriate picture of a famous personality is circulated to defame them.

In this contemporary epoch, everyone posts their images on the internet and flaunts their lifestyle. Unknowingly, someone can edit their image in an inappropriate form.

A couple of years ago, a famous Nigerian radio personality and television host, Toke Makinwa, took fake nude photos, and she was blackmailed over those pictures. The pictures went viral overnight.

But Toke herself shared those images on her Instagram page and claimed that the pictures were not real and were deliberately photoshopped to defame her.

She wrote, ‘I am sharing this ahead of your threats to release these edited/false images cos this is disappointing, this is not humanity, there is a pandemic killing people, and there are also certain human beings wanting to exploit people in a time when we should all spread love and kindness.


“Stop with your bloody emails already. I am not the one, not yesterday, not today, not ever. I don’t have any money to give you.”
Another famous Nigerian personality, Anita Natacha Akide, aka Tocha, a housemate of former BBNaija, also became a victim of this scam. Her nude pictures were leaked online, and some offenders tried to blackmail her.

She issued a statement through her lawyer in which her lawyer wrote, ‘Earlier Today, a couple of emails were received from unknown blackmailers threatening to release ‘edited’ pictures of our client, Natacha Akide (Tacha). We want to let the general public know that these pictures are edited and false photos sent to blackmail our client in exchange for some money.

“Natacha Akide does not have and will not have such pictures of herself taken under any circumstances. We understand that this is a difficult time for most people, but let’s also be human and desist from any form of extortion, blackmail and theft as we continue to fight COVID-19. Kindly disregard any photoshopped pictures from these blackmailers. – We do not negotiate with blackmailers.”

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