House of Representatives ask Nigerian Army to stop attacks in Epe communal land

The House of Representatives urged the chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, to order Nigerian Army Men to desist from further acts of bullying, harassment, intimidation and acquisition. The announcement concerned the  Iraye-Oke communal land, Epe in Lagos state. The area is in the midst of a land dispute resolution by the house. The announcement came on Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The House of Representatives also asked the COAS to implementation of a motion called “Alleged Intimidation, Assault and Trespass by the Nigerian Army, Epe Barracks. The motion reffers to Land Tussle with Iraye-Oke Community in Epe Federal Constituency of Lagos State”. It was led by the Tasir Olawale Raji at the complete takeover by the Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu.


Furthermore, the administrator said that The House of Representatives noted that the petition against the Nigerian Army, Epe Barracks by the Iraye-Oke community over acts of assault, intimidation, and trespass of 329.588 hectares of land was handed over on October 4, 2023, for investigation and resolution.

He further added that since the petition, the house has raised concerns over taking over the forceful acquisition of the people’s houses, lands, fishing ponds and other properties of the people by extending the fence of the army barracks. according to him, this came as a reply from the soldiers from Epe barracks.

The house also stated that the army also denied the owners access to their own properties by deploying soldiers at the perimeters.

The house also stated that the people fled from their homes and farmlands, which were the major source of earning. People these days are living in constant fear of attacks from the Nigerian Army.

Notably, the house was worried that if the Nigerian army is not stopped from doing further acts of intimidation, harassment, and acquisition of Iraye-Oke communal land pending the resolution of the petition, the individuals may suffer irreversible damages.

When the motion “Alleged Intimidation, Assault and Trespass by the Nigerian Army, Epe Barracks Regarding Land Tussle with Iraye-Oke Community in Epe Federal Constituency of Lagos State” was presented in front of other official members, all the members supported it.


The House of Representatives also mandated the Committee on the Army to ensure observance.

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