Commissioner, Bawu Musam visited agricultural lands

The commissioner promised a 25-year-long Development Plan

Borno State, Nigeria: The Commissioner of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Bawu Musami, alongside the respective caretaker chairpersons and some technical directors, carried out An extraordinary journey through some of the region’s most vital agricultural sites.

The visit came out as a commitment to the future of agricultural prosperity and sustainability. The tour took place at the Mega Farm, a large agricultural land where advanced farming techniques are practised for maximum yield.


The Commissioner seemed thoroughly impressed by the techniques that are being harnessed at the mega Farm, the art at the Mega Farm and the dedication of the farmers. The hard work ensures that such an ample harvest will surely reach the market effectively.

Besides this, he also visited a beautiful and vibrant ecosystem consisting of fruit-bearing trees. The site is known as the Orchard Site. The Commissioner said that the fruits of the Orchard Site will play a crucial role in the food production plans and diversify the agricultural business.

Notably, the Gumsuri Irrigation Site, Damboa, has excellently demonstrated that innovative irrigation techniques can transform dried land into a green heaven. The Commissioner acknowledged the importance of efficient water management for sustaining agricultural activities.

The Commisioner mission took him to the next site, the Mboa Irrigation Dam in Chibok. He inspected every single thing with precision, which clearly translated the unwavering commitment to expanding and enhancing the irrigational outlook.

Lastly, he visited the Rumirgo Eearth Dam, Uda Kwaheli Fadama Land, and Usara Uzum in Askira-Uba, where he intriguingly supervised and promised to strengthen the irrigation schemes that envisioned by Professor Babagana Umara Zulum and are relevant for 25 years.

These efforts are focused on restoring agricultural landscapes and creating sustainable pathways for food security. The Borno state Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, urges the Borno state people to trust the process and adopt innovative agricultural practices, which will bring fortune to the fields promising the farmers  a good bounty and witness a prosperous future.


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