Afghanistan: Former Prez criticizes Taliban for banning women’s education

Hamid Karzai, expressed concerned during an interview over the ban imposed by the Taliban administration on women's education beyond the sixth grade.

The former President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, expressed concerned during an interview over the ban imposed by the Taliban administration on women’s education beyond the sixth grade. He has expressed his concern about the radicalism and conservative mindset of the Taliban administration. The president has said that the ban imposed on Female Education is a serious issue of concern within society.

During the interview, the former president of Afghanistan asserted that education is the foundation of a country’s well-being. This is true not only for Afghanistan but also other nations. Meanwhile, he also expressed deep concern over the brain drain in the country after the taliban took control of the country. The youth of Afghanistan is leaving the country at an alarming rate after the takeover since the Taliban is exercising brutal reign over the country.


Former President Hamid Karzai expressed that the brain drain will prove to be a massive loss for the country as the country is already struggling with issues of lack of proper human capital,

The present administration of the country, after they seized power from the former government, they instituted a ban on the education of women, In addition to this, they have also restricted women from working in government offices and a majority of the workforce. They have also imposed largely draconian rules restricting women’s movement in the country.

The women are barred from being part of public gatherings, or using public restrooms and gyms. Meanwhile, they have also imposed strict restrictions on women and girls’ freedom of movement, expression, association and assembly in Afghan society. The restrictions, especially on girls’ education, have received widespread criticism from the world community. The UN, in this regard, has criticised the administration of the Taliban for receding women’s access to basic human rights like education and practising the career of the people

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