China faces rise in terror threat on residents in Pak and Afghanistan

The influence of China is increasing exponentially throughout Asia, in light of which several terrorist organizations from various parts of the continent have taken a special interest in the country. The number of attacks against the country has increased exponentially recently.

One example to support the theory is the recent terrorist attack on the Logan Hotel, also renowned as the Chinese hotel. Reports suggest that the attack on the hotel in Central Kabul, Afghanistan resulted in the death of three terrorists. Additionally, two foreigners got injured during this. Another similar incident happened just days before the Central Kabul attack on December 2, 2023.


The attack was hatched at the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul. Reported, the head of the mission was the supposed target of the attack. The Islamic State of Khorasan Province claimed responsibility for both attacks. Following the attacks, the government of China, through their spokesperson, expressed their astonishment.

The spokesperson of the foreign ministry of China, Wang Wenbin, informed the media that some members of the Taliban died during the incidents while Chinese citizens got injured. The incidents, reportedly, are not stand-alone. The government of China claims that the incidents have been taking place in other countries, like the Philippines, East African region, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The sources suggest strategic links in how the different terrorism agencies target China. Reportedly, the terror outfits are targeting China and The Belt Road Initiative to undermine the governments they are fighting.

As a result of growing security concerns, experts believe that china will limit its presence in Pakistan. Notably, Pakistan is a key recipient of the BRI. However, china’s operations get interrupted on various occasions due to security concerns. The experts believe that china and their allies will come under further pressure due to the actions of the terrorism agencies. Accordingly, for security concerns, China has shut down its consular service hall “Until further notice”. The country, however has cited technical issues to explain the shutdown.


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