Michael Ogueke believes Tinubu capable of fighting corruption

Michael Ogueke, believes that APC's presidential candidate, Bola Ahmad Tinubu is capable to successfully fight corruption.

Nigerian author, Political economist and vocal supporter of the All Progressives Congress Candidate, Bola Ahmad Tinubu, Michael Ogueke, believes that APC’s presidential candidate is capable to successfully fight corruption. He believes Tinubu can do this better than any other politician or presidential candidate.

Consequently, Professor Michael Ogueke took to his social media account to share these views. Professor Ogueke provided the reason for his observation as he stated that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is an internationally educated accountant and an auditor of international repute. He has worked in the world’s best accounting, financial & management consultancy firms. These firms and institutions include Arthur Andersen & Deloitte. In this institution, he gathered a lot of work experience and travelled worldwide.


As a part of his job, Tinubu audited & set up fraud-proof accounting systems for giant conglomerates, corporations & major oil companies.

Further, Michael Ogueke believes that Tinubu was good at his work, making the world’s biggest oil company – Mobil, hire him. In his professional career as an accountant and auditor of international repute, he rose to the position of Director. Tinubu also occupied the critical office of Treasurer in the biggest oil company in the world.

Citing all these reasons, Professor Ogueke revealed that after working for the biggest accounting, financial & management consultancy firms in the world, there was no one who could teach Tinubu about bookkeeping. The Nigerian author expanded upon his observation. He pointed out that during his career, Tinubu was responsible for setting up fraud-proof accounting systems for major conglomerates & oil giants.

In light of these achievements, Ogueke believes that no other politician is more well-suited for the responsibility of President. He expressed his confidence that, given his background, he would be able to fight corruption easily. The political economist further noted that this capability of Tinubu will attract attacks from the opposing side of politicians

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