China oppressing Tibet through mass DNA testing

China is conducting mass DNA tests on people from China occupied Tibet as a method of oppression of the people of Tibet. They are doing this to create a biological database of the people of Tibet.

China is conducting mass DNA tests on people from China occupied Tibet as a method of oppression of the people of Tibet. They are doing this to create a biological database of the people of Tibet. Human Rights Watch mentioned in their recent reports that there is a random collection of DNA from residents in several towns and villages throughout Tibet. Particularly, the piece alludes to the so-called Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) database.

These developments of the ample proof of the fact that China has started to become confident in its surveillance capabilities. Thus, the country is moving on to the next level of repression and aggression: Bio Security. The Communist Party of China has employed Bio Security as a means to control populations in Tibet. They mainly target the people of occupied regions of Tibet, East Turkistan and Southern Mongolia.


Earlier, Chia used these technological means to sterilise thousands of Uyghur Muslims. This practice on the part of the Chinese administration resulted in horrifying consequences. Under the current administration, Human Rights Watch has identified 14 different localities across seven cities under the Control of China. This indicates the wide spread of the project under the current administration.

Reportedly, this mass DNA testing is a ploy on the part of the CCP to keep the Tibetans busy ahead of the 20th National People’s Congress. The Communist party and President Jinping would arguably want a smooth meeting, allowing him to get re-elected for a third term.

Reportedly, several people in china, along with Tibet, are unhappy about the regime’s zero covid policy. If not for the agents of the Chinese administration doing mass drives of DNA testing to keep them busy, Tibet could team up with the unhappy residents of china against the administration.

China-occupied Tibet has been a victim of repression since the People’s Republic of China formed in 1949. However, this repression has increased following the 7th Tibet Work Forum.

Meanwhile, collecting genetic material is not new for china as the ministry of public security runs the world’s largest forensic DNA database. The database contains more than 100m profiles. Originally, this practice is used to keep track of criminals. This practice is similar to the west. However, under the rule of President Jinping, the practice has evolved drastically.

Under the new rules, genetic material is used to monitor troublesome individuals. Several human rights activists have decried these practices as they violate an individual’s privacy.


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