China to build a Mars like simulation on similar landscape

Lenghu City in Qinghai Province in northwestern China has land areas such as rocks and sand, and the temperature is even similar to that on the Red Planet (Mars). Hongyan District is listed by experts as “the richest place on earth”. This city is known as the Mars Camp and covers an area of ​​1,734 hectares, it was established in 2019. The Mars camp has a visitor center, a Mars community, a simulation base, and a designated area. This Martian city will prove to be an important test site for future manned missions to Mars.

Mars camp has a visitor center, Mars community, model base and other projects in the designated area. The Long March 5 (Y4) rocket with the Tiantian-1 probe lifted an important test site above Wenchang LC-101 for future manned missions to Mars. Launch site on July 23, 2020. After seven months of interstellar travel, Tianwen-1 reached the orbit of Mars on February 10, 2021.

Tianwen-1 stayed in Mars orbit for three months to study landing. After careful calculation of the landing location, the lander/rover successfully got off the vehicle on May 14, 2021 and landed in the designated landing area. After a successful landing, the rover transmits images. Two of the pictures were released by China National Space Administration.

In the recently released picture of the Chinese Mars rover Zhurong car, we see Zhurong car and the Tianwen 1 lander side by side. Except for the Zhurong probe and the Tianwen-1 lander, China has no other probes on Mars, and the arm of the Chinese probe is not as long as the NASA probe. They have retractable arms with wide-angle cameras. It can take photos of itself and even use them for selfies. The Chinese Mars rover Zhurong does not have a retractable arm. Instead, it has a detachable camera that rovers can place at a certain distance and take pictures remotely. Therefore, most of the photos of Chinese roamers have Zhurong.

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