A phone snatcher of a dangerous gang got arrested

He said his boss has several connections with top security personnel in Anambra and will make him released immediately.

A phone snatcher who is also a drug peddler got arrested in Anambra state and said that lack of a job has forced him to get involved in crimes to fulfil basic needs.
The suspect is recognized as Mmaduabuchi Nwankwo, and he said that he had grown up in the streets and learned things by seeing thieves and peddlers.
He disclosed that the man who was introduced to the crimes has strong connections with some top and highly-placed security officials of the State. He further added that his boss had ensured him that his boss would always help him get released immediately, whenever he got arrested for such crimes.
However, the suspect didn’t mention the name of his boss and the officials he is related to, as he said that it is the rule of his gang and they can kill him if he does so.
Mmaduabuchi Nwankwo was interrogated with some five other offenders of Awka state. All the suspects were paraded at the Headquarters of the Operations Clean and Healthy Anambra (OCHA Brigade) in Awka and were also indicted for other forms of crimes, such as cable vandalism, among others.
Parading the suspects on behalf of his principal, the Public Relations Officer of OCHA Brigade, Mr. Anthony Agbafune, said the suspects were arrested during raids executed at their shelters at various locations in Awka and Bridge Head, Onitsha. He also said the raid was carried out by the enforcement team of the Brigade and the operatives of the Anambra State Vigilante Group (AVG).
He further said that all the suspects were from different gangs, some of whom specialize in vandalizing electrical cables across the State and supplying the same to dealers in Onitsha, while others specialize in phone snatching and illicit drug trafficking.
Agbefune explained that when the officials caught him, he was in possession of illegal drugs and was caught red-handed snatching phones in Awka.
The OCHA Brigade Spokesperson stated that the accused might have learnt crimes and criminality through bad peers and urged youngsters not to be involved in such fellowships.

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