Bauchi: A young boy was killed by terrorists

The victim's body is said to be found in the stagnated water in ATIL Anguwan Ngas

A young boy was killed in Yelwan Tudu in Bauchi Local Government Area of Bauchi State. The people of Yelwan Tudu have become furious since the body was found.

The people of Yelwan Tudu have called on the state and federal governments to investigate the alleged murder of the young boy named Ezekiel. The people said that unknown criminals are terrorizing them.


The victim’s body is said to be found in the stagnated water in ATIL Anguwan Ngas.

Mr Ubandoma Frayo addressed the press yesterday on behalf of the Yelwan Tudu community; he regarded the incident as a heartless, cruel, wicked and unjustified attack on their youth.

The main angular stated that they were shocked by this brutal killing, and there shouldn’t be any justification for such evil intentional attacks on their youth, who have been living peacefully in these areas over time.

The community urged the administration to set up a team of experienced individuals to investigate the crime, put the criminal behind bars, and provide justice to the boy and his family.

The people of Yelwan Tudu want the government to look after the main cause of this case and ensure the safety of the people of the Bauchi state. This type of heinous crime is getting higher and higher. In strong terms, the administration should ask all law enforcement agencies to pay attention to this matter.

Arguably, it’s not the first time that such a thing is happened in the Bauchi state. Terrorists usually terrorize this place.


According to Governor Bala Mohammed, the terror has increased in the last few months because the other states have sustained war against the bandits and terrorists, so Bauchi has become a hiding place for them, and now they are terrorizing local people to disturb peace and other essential things that are needed to survive.

The governor further added that a ministry of internal security had been partnered with the Federal Government to increase the internal security.

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