South Africa: Joint Tactical HQ say no tolerance for anything less than excellence

Joint Tactical Headquarters North West in Mahikeng (previously Mafikeng) stands by its operational code, "NO tolerance for anything less than excellence

South Africa: Joint Tactical Headquarters North West in Mahikeng (previously Mafikeng) stands by its operational code, “NO tolerance for anything less than excellence.”

Officer Commanding Joint Tactical Headquarters North West, Colonel Ramakatsa spoke these words as he welcomes the incoming Company of Chief Albert Luthuli Regiment, led by Major S. Ntabeni all the way from the Free State Province.


All members reported to the call of duty, leaving their livelihood behind in the effort to ensure the safety of the country and its people by means of execution of border safeguarding and protecting the area of responsibility (Botswana /South African border) with courage and dignity.

It is with pride and trusts that the Officer Commanding also took this platform to introduce his Staff Officers who will be in support of the deployed members throughout their tour of duty. He introduced his Senior Staff Officers, Lieutenant Colonel Lekitlane, Lieutenant Colonel Kubatsi and Lieutenant Tumi, to all combat service supporters in direct support of the operations.

This is the company that will be involved in safeguarding and ensuring a peaceful festive season this year.

This is no easy task and not everybody is able to carry out the responsibility of securing a country so valuable even at the risk of their lives. We in the North West acknowledge patriotism.

South Africa National Defence Force shared some glimpses from the event on their social media accounts. They took the opportunity to highlight the various officers who serve the country and put their duty towards the nation first and foremost

The Officer Commanding thanked the force standing in front of him for putting their duty first and never failing to stand proud as the South African National Defence Force.


In conclusion of his address, the Officer Commanding reminded the deployed Company that all previous training and preparation leading the force to this phase must now become practice, because failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

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