South African Air Force Junior Supervisor’s Course 2023.

The Junior Supervisor’s Course 02/ 2023 Certificate Ceremony took place at the South African Air Force College on Thursday, 07 September 2023

The Junior Supervisor’s Course 02/ 2023 Certificate Ceremony took place at the South African Air Force College on Thursday, 07 September 2023. The 9-week-long course was presented over the period 10 July to 08 September 2023.

The course comprised 40 members (14 females and 26 males) all in the rank group of Sergeants in the South African Air Force from various Divisions, Bases, and Units around the country. Among those present at the ceremony was the custodian of discipline in the Air Force, Senior Chief Warrant Officer Klaas Mofomme.


As he addressed the graduates, the Officer Commanding of the South African Air Force College, Colonel Hoosein Maal congratulated and thanked the learners for completing their course successfully, albeit the challenging circumstances faced at times with regard to power failures and water disruptions in the Thaba Tshwane area.

The Officer Commanding thanked the student leaders, Sergeant Tambodala and vice student leader Sergeant Phasha saying, “Thank you for the guidance and leadership you have displayed between the College staff members and the students. Definitely a thankless duty which you executed perfectly.” Colonel Maal reminded the learners that it is essential to remain abreast with local and international affairs, he encouraged all learners to take 15 minutes in bed every morning to read the latest news or scroll through the available news channels before getting out of bed.

He further reminded the students that the austerity measures being faced throughout all government departments were a real cause of concern, and that there has never been a more appropriate time to live the phrase “We need to do more with less” and ensure optimal utilisation of resources. He reaffirmed the importance of taking ownership of resources and handling them with care. “treat each resource as if you have paid for it with your own money, from your own pocket. It is only when we do this, that we will truly value and maintain them.

The organisation is facing many challenges, challenges that if not handled thoroughly, will in the future directly impact our livelihood as well as those of our families. We have to take the organisation and all that it encompasses and make it ours, be the solution to the challenges. There are no problems in the organisation, we don’t have problems we have challenges and it remains your responsibility from today to be creative and innovative to mitigate these challenges.”

Colonel Maal reminded students that they will be faced with many challenges at their respective home Units, “These will include additional austerity measures, personnel shortages and lack of morale and esprit de corps as members are expected to perform under all these challenges.

He emphasized that it will rest upon students’ shoulders to take the skills and knowledge that they have been empowered with at the South African Air Force College and apply it to this daunting challenges we are faced with. Do not be misguided into thinking your role is a small one. We no longer live in a cocoon; we are part of the global village.


I encourage you to rise to the challenges, to help steer the South African Air Force to a position where it will be noticed for its strength and its determination to succeed, thus the slogan of the Air Force “Free the Eagle”. The future of the Air Force is now in your hands and will be determined by the decisions you make in the years to come.”

The top achievers where:
• Sergeant Perciville De Wee – Best academic achievement and
• Sergeant Dumisani Gasella – Warrant Officer of the Air Force Trophy.

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