Read all about 7 year old Yaounde Author, Enoh Eyong

A seven-year-old Enoh Eyong Gill-Racine Besong has published his first book. The seven-year-old young writer is a resident of Yaounde state in Cameroon. The young boy has stunned many community residents with his extraordinary achievement. Enoh Eyong Gill-Racine Besong proudly presents his first book, “A Toast To My Experiences.”

The virtual launch of his debut collection of poems took place on May 25, 2023, garnering widespread attention and admiration. The social media was full of his mentions and the applause he received from Yaounde state and the wider country. Meanwhile, The people of the country have come out in support of the youngster.


Enoh’s literary journey commenced at the tender age of 5. This was when he started showcasing a remarkable talent beyond his years. His book offers a unique glimpse into his daily life as a 7-year-old. It artfully captures his experiences at school and during holidays when his parents are away. Several experts categorise the work of the seven-year-old author with astonishing creativity and maturity. The experts state that Enoh pens heartfelt verses that resonate with readers of all ages.

Despite his young age, Enoh Eyong Gill-Racine Besong has already secured a significant place in the literary realm. The release of “A Toast To My Experiences” has captivated audiences and sparked awe within the writing community. His exceptional storytelling ability and an innate gift for poetic expression set him apart as an outstanding young author.

The young boy’s remarkable achievement in Cameroon sets him apart significantly from his peers. The country’s people and across the globe have come forward to support and encourage the boy. Despite being below 10, he has shown remarkable talent and creativity in authoring the book. The book a toast to my experiences, provides deep insights into the life and worldview of the young author.

Accordingly, Readers from across the globe applaud the young author, a student in advanced primary school.

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