Read interesting facts on Batswana Tribe, best administrators in Africa

Botswana, a country in the Southern region of Africa, is home to the Batswana tribe of people. The tribe is also known as Tswana, which houses several ethnic variations of the tribe, including the Motswana

Botswana, a country in the Southern region of Africa, is home to the Batswana tribe of people. The tribe is also known as Tswana, which houses several ethnic variations of the tribe, including the Motswana. Notably, the people of the tribe are known to be the best administrators. They have written several accomplishments to their names. 

Some of the most notable accomplishments of the members of this tribe are their administrative and business acumen. The tribe is among the richest in the southern part of Africa and South Africa. The tribe is home to some of Africa’s most successful businessmen and women.


Here are some interesting facts about the Batswana people: 

  • Recently, experts have called the Batswana people the wealthiest tribe in Africa.
  •  People of Tswana origin are the only people in the world to build 3 countries from scratch. The countries are Lesotho, Bophuthatswana and Botswana.
  • Further, The people from this tribe still own the largest land in Africa.
  • The best football manager in Africa, Pitso Mosimane, is a Motswana.
  • Fergusons, who are members of this tribe, own the biggest film and production company in South Africa. 
  • The people of the community currently hold the highest posts in Africa. Additionally, These posts include the CAF presidency, Africa stock exchange, SADC secretariat, top World Health Organization and World Bank posts.
  • Meanwhile, The richest Blackman in South Africa and other nations of Southern Africa is Patrice Motsepe, a Motswana. He also owns the best club in Southern Africa, Mamelodi Sundown.
  • The richest black woman and the first black billionaire, Bridget Motsepe, is from the Motswana tribe.
  • The richest community & tribe, according to Forbes, in Africa and South Africa is the Batswana of the Bafokeng Royal Nation in Rustenburg. They own Royal Bafokeng Holding.
  • The 2nd richest tribe/Community in South Africa is also the Batswana of the Bakgatla clan. They own the Bakgatla Investment holdings.
  • Notably, Batswana built Botswana from scratch to be Africa’s success story from 2nd poorest country to an upper middle-income economy.
  • Bophuthatswana was the best-governed homeland in South Africa. Mangope built schools, stadiums, Universities, conference halls, Sun City, Cinema Studios etc.
  • The best Police force in Africa is from Botswana.
  • As per the experts, The biggest communities, such as Basotho, are made up of Tswana clans and speak the Setswana dialect called Sesotho.
  •  The Batswana tribe Bakgatla created another community called Bapedi. The tribe members still govern the community. The community speaks a Setswana dialect called Sepedi after mixing with people from other tribes.
  • Additionally, There are also Lozi/ Barotsi people in Zambia who are of Tswana origin.

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