Philip Thomas criticize west, Nigeria double standards for Niger coup

Journalist, Executive editor and social media personality Philip Thomas, better known as Comrade Phils, took to his social media account to point out the hypocrisy of the “West nations” and Nigeria. He claimed that the leaderships of both the Western nations and the biggest democracy of Africa are acting contradictorily in the matter of the Niger Coup.

He drew comparisons on the Western nations’ reactions to the usurping attempt of Putin and President Bazoum. Thomas called out the nations on their double standards in this regard. Meanwhile, he claimed that the president of Nigeria used similar tactics to get into power as Niger coup leader. Despite this, the leadership of Nigeria announced their willingness to go to war with Niger.


A few months ago, a certain ally of Putin tried to usurp power in Russia. He organized a mutiny and threatened Putin’s reign. His name is Prigozhin, and he was once Putin’s chef.

When Prigozhin tried to invade Moscow, France was happy. The US and the rest of the West also applauded his courage in unseating “the tyrant Putin”. They called him the man that may save Russia from Putin. This is even though he was previously very close to Putin. He built his wealth through him and was even his cook at some point.

Today, France, the US and the UK are angry that a former ally of detained president Bazoum of Niger staged a coup against his friend. However, Putin is happy. They are not angry because they love Bazoum but because the new regime is cutting ties with them.

Niger Republic is rich in Uranium. It is the basic element needed for a nuclear reactor, and France has been mining it for years. The US has a drone base in Niger with over 1000 soldiers and spends about $110m yearly funding that base. The new regime has stopped France from mining Uranium and has asked the US to leave its land. The majority of the people of Niger are siding with the coup plotters. However, that does not matter to the West.

Putin is siding with the Malian leadership. This leadership also came to power via a coup in 2021. Russia just became an ally of Burkina Faso’s military regime, which came to power through a coup in 2022. Further, they are currently backing the 2023 coup in Niger Republic. Africa is a pun in the hands of the West, and the same with Russia and China.

However, Philip Thomas, aka Comrade Phils, questioned, Why should we blame them when Africa’s biggest democracies are a mirage?


The president of Africa’s biggest democracy rigged himself to power against the People’s will in March 2023. He just announced that he would go to war with the new leadership in Niger for doing the same thing to get into power in his country. Why on earth should people living in glass houses dare to throw stones?

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