Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Flip

Samsung may launch its next foldable smartphone in about a month or so, but at the same time, we are constantly collecting reports and rumors to understand what will happen. Fold 3 and Flip 3 If the leaked renderings and news photos are real, they suggest that the new phone will be based on the same model as its predecessor, but the details determine success or failure. Z Fold 3 will focus most of the design changes on the camera sensor.

Contrary to what you might believe in the last few pictures, the internal camera of the lower frame will not be as obvious as some suggestions in Ice Universe. Presumably, the camera can be seen in the so-called promotional pictures, because Samsung does not want potential consumers to think that the phone has no internal working principle.

We also learned from previous leaks that the gap between the two halves of the Ice internal device confirms that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have the same screen size as its predecessor, which means we will have a 7.56-inch screen. Consider Up to 1768  × 2208 resolution and 6.23-inch frame size with 832 x 2268. This time the screen probably also has a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Apparently, Samsung managed to obtain a dedicated digitizer for the Z Fold 3, which allegedly hindered the launch of the S Pen last year. The documents submitted by the FCC further prove that the foldable flagship product will support pens. Although the relatively low-key Z Flip 3 is not compatible with the S Pen or equipped with a bottom-screen camera, it is obviously undergoing a major update. It has a 1.1-inch external display, but its functions are limited.

As per a Korean store, Flip 3 will have a 1.9-inch lid. According to reports, the main screen is the same as the current model (6.7 inches), but they may get a refresh rate of 120Hz. Both phones may be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888. An announcement is expected on August 3 that these devices will be cheaper than their predecessors. Can help Samsung achieve its ambitious sales targets. These phones are equipped with Android 11.

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