Collapsed Ebute Meta building already listed for demolition – Lagos Govt.

Yesterday, the Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr Oluyinka Olumide, revealed that the building had been previously identified as distressed and marked for demolition

Lagos, Nigeria: A partially collapsed building on Oloto Street, Borno Way, Ebutte Metta, has raised concerns about the safety of structures in Lagos.

Yesterday, the Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr Oluyinka Olumide, revealed that the building had been previously identified as distressed and marked for demolition.


While inspecting the incident site, the commissioner expressed sympathy for those affected by the collapse.

According to a statement by Mr Mukaila Sanusi, the spokesperson for the ministry, Dr Olumide disclosed that the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) had detected and listed the building as distressed during its routine monitoring earlier in the month.

The agency had taken proactive measures by serving statutory notices, including a quit notice and a seal order, and had initiated the process to remove the building.

It is disheartening, however, that the occupants of the building chose to disregard the warnings issued by LASBCA to avert potential danger.

Directing LASBCA to expedite the demolition of the compromised structure, Commissioner Olumide urged residents across the state to take government notices seriously and vacate any distressed building promptly.

The incident is a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to safety regulations and responding to evacuation orders.


The Lagos State government has consistently prioritized safety and urban development, as evidenced by routine monitoring by LASBCA.

This incident underscores the challenges authorities face in ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations, particularly in densely populated urban areas.

The swift response from the Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development highlights the government’s commitment to addressing potential hazards and protecting the lives and property of its citizens.

However, the incident also raises questions about the effectiveness of enforcement mechanisms and the need for increased public awareness regarding building safety.

As investigations into the collapse continue, the Lagos State government must reevaluate and strengthen its monitoring and enforcement strategies.

Additionally, citizens must recognize the shared responsibility of maintaining safe living and working environments by promptly adhering to evacuation notices and reporting potential hazards.

In conclusion, the collapse of the building in Ebutte Metta serves as a poignant reminder of the critical role played by government agencies in ensuring the safety of structures within urban areas.

It is an urgent call to action for both authorities and citizens to work collaboratively towards creating and maintaining secure living spaces in the ever-expanding city of Lagos.


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