Diplomatic Headache: Saudi Arabia Cancels Visas for 264 Nigerian Passengers

Saudi Arabian authorities have cancelled the visas of all 264 passengers aboard Air Peace's flight from Kano to Jeddah on Monday

In a surprising turn of events, Saudi Arabian authorities have cancelled the visas of all 264 passengers aboard Air Peace’s flight from Kano to Jeddah on Monday.

The flight, which originated from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, made a stopover at the Aminu Kano International Airport in Kano before reaching its destination in Saudi Arabia’s principal city on Monday.


The reasons behind the abrupt visa cancellations remain unclear, leaving passengers and airline officials bewildered. The move has sparked concerns over diplomatic relations and the need for a swift and decisive response from the Nigerian government.

John Ojikutu, an industry expert and CEO of Centurion Aviation Security and Safety Consult in Nigeria, expressed shock at the Saudi authorities’ actions.

Ojikutu highlighted the complex dynamics of aero politics and diplomacy, emphasizing the importance of the Nigerian government standing firmly behind its carriers.

He suggested that designating Nigerian airlines as flag carriers could help assert their representation on the international stage.

“The action of the Saudi Authorities is shocking. There is aero politics there, and there is also diplomacy. There is a need for the Nigerian government to stand firmly with Nigerian carriers and designate them as flag carriers so that other countries will know that they represent Nigeria. Government must come out and intervene,” Ojikutu emphasized.

Efforts by the Nigerian Embassy to resolve the issue resulted in a reduction of the number of passengers slated for return to Nigeria from 264 to 177.


The sudden cancellation of visas has put both the affected passengers and Air Peace, the Nigerian carrier, in a precarious situation.

Air Peace, which has been gaining popularity for offering relatively lower fares to Saudi Arabia, has become a formidable competitor to Saudi Air, the established carrier operating directly from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia. The increased patronage of Air Peace may be a factor in the recent diplomatic tension.

This incident raises broader questions about the diplomatic relationship between Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. The Nigerian government now faces the challenge of protecting its citizens’ interests while maintaining diplomatic decorum.

The sudden cancellation of visas disrupts the travel plans of hundreds of passengers and jeopardizes the burgeoning success of Air Peace in the international market.

As the situation unfolds, there is a growing need for the Nigerian government to engage in diplomatic discussions with Saudi Arabia to understand the motives behind the visa cancellations. Clear communication and cooperation between the two nations are crucial to resolving the issue amicably.

In international aviation, incidents like these highlight the complexities and challenges airlines that operate on global routes face.

The need for a unified and assertive approach by the Nigerian government to ensure the protection and representation of its carriers on the international stage becomes apparent.

As both countries navigate the intricacies of this diplomatic predicament, the fate of the affected passengers and the future of Air Peace’s operations in Saudi Arabia hangs in the balance.

The diplomatic resolution of this issue will not only impact the immediate situation but also set a precedent for handling similar matters in the future.


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