Nigeria: Interview of Acting Chairman Ahmad Arabi

The interview will also be aired on various radio stations.

Alhaji Jalal Ahmad Arabi was appointed as the new acting chairman of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria(NAHCON).
Alhaji Jalal Ahmad Arabi took over the duties at a moment when the Saudi authorities introduced measures towards ensuring adequate preparations for the Hajj.
One such measure is the deadline for the issuance of Hajj visas, which is 50 days before Arafah, the biggest day of the Hajj.
Alhaji Jalal Ahmad Arabi will be interviewed today on the Network Service of Radio Nigeria, and the interview will commence at 7 a.m.
Although, people can listen to the full interview at 4:30 p.m. on the programme ‘Hajj: A Spiritual Journey.
It will also be aired on different radio stations, including:
RADIO ONE 103.5 FM in Lagos
METRO 97.7 FM in Lagos
PREMIER 93.5 FM in Ibadan
HARMONY 103.5 FM in Kwara state
SUPREME 96.1 FM in Kaduna
PROGRESS 100.5 FM in Ekiti state
PRIME 101.5 FM in Lokoja, Kogi state
POWER 100.5 FM in Bida, Niger state
GLOBE 98.5 FM in Bauchi
PEACE 102.5 in Maiduguri
PYRAMID 103.5 FM in Kano
PRECIOUS 102.5 FM in Lafia
COMPANION 104.5 FM in Kastina
HORIZON 100.50 FM in Jigawa
PRIDE 103.5 FM in Zamfara
ROYAL 101.5 FM in Sokoto
EQUITY 103.5 FM in Kebbi
HARVEST 103.5 FM in Benue
CANAAN CITY 99.5 FM in Calabar
BRONZE 101.5 FM in Edo
CREEK 106.5 FM in Balyesa
ATLANTIC 104.5 FM in Uyo
HEARTLAND 100.5 FM in Imo state
PURITY 102.5 FM in Anambra state
PACESETTER 103.5 in Abia state
UNITY 101.5 FM in Ebonyi state
GOLD 95.5 FM in Ilesha, Osun state
PARAMOUNT 94.5 FM in Ogun
POSITIVE 102.5 FM Akure
FOMBINA 101.5 FM in Adamawa
SUNSHINE 88.1 FM in Yobe State
Voice FM 96.7 Nsukka, Enugu State
Alhaji Jalal Ahmad Arabi, after his appointment as the new acting chairman of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), started his noble work. A couple of days before, he went to visit various spiritual leaders, including leaders of the Qadriyyah, Maulana Sheikh Qaribullahi Nasiru Kabara in Kano; the spiritual leader of Tijaniyya, Maulana Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi in Bauchi; and the leaders of JIBWIS, Dr Abdullahi Bala Lau and Sheikh Muhammadu Sani Yahaya Jingir in Abuja.
According to the chairman, the success of the Hajj is a collective responsibility of every individual who pays his beliefs and every stakeholder in the Hajj industry needs to be carried along to work together as a team to achieve success.

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