Seleye Fubara reflects on success and ambition in nollywood

Nollywood actress, Seleye Fubara has confessed on the social media public platform regarding the fears she faces for being in the entertainment industry of Nigeria

Nollywood actress, Seleye Fubara has confessed on the social media public platform regarding the fears she faces for being in the entertainment industry of Nigeria. She acknowledged the role of people and audiences in the success and failure of actor. She discussed her apprehensions and approach to handling her expectation and ambition.

In her post, Fubara confessed that fear is a part of life, and so are dreams and ambitions. People ask me why I don’t have fear. At which point, I tell them, “I can be scared to shits but I jump anyway” I guess that’s what faith is.


Now in the industry she works in, the biggest streaming platform, youtube, the viewers make stars. Accordingly, she observed, it is so quick for people to say “Fubara, open your own youtube platform, we’ll watch”.

At this point, she confessed I’m also quick to tell them they wouldn’t. Not because I’m being negative but because she has plenty evidence to support her conclusion.

She shared that she posted one of the movies shot in PH about a month ago on UCHE MBUNABO TV. She stated that it is one of the busiest channels, and the reviews have been amazing. But guess what? They are mostly from his subscribers

At this point, she stated, she is asking herself, where MY PEOPLE that say we will watch? People say “We need more representation as a people in the industry.” Seleye Fubara stated that now, you have the power to do that but the number of views tell a different story.

She gave a shoutout to fellow actor and acting instructor Ovunda Ihunwo in line with this observation. She shared that Igunwo is an amazing actor. Imagine if 30% of the population with smartphones in Rivers and Bayelsa state watched and commented on the movie he’s in . Do you know what would happen then? In three months, he’ll be one of the industry’s most sort after father-figure actors. Viewers have the power.

She stated that We don’t always have to wait for others to discover our own before we scream about them. So, she confessed, “I am scared because I might get frustrated, and depressed even if I open my own channel. It costs money and is highly competitive these days as everyone knows.


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