Kebbi: Alhaji Faruq assures best Hajj operation

Governor Nasir Idris returned after attending the Police Council meeting in Abuja at the Presidential Villa and took process updates from Alhaji Faruq.

The newly appointed Executive Chairman of the Kebbi State Pilgrims Welfare Agency, Alhaji Faruq Aliyu Yaro Enabo, has assured Governor Nasir Idris Kauran Gwandu and the people of Kebbi State the best Hajj operation ever taken place.

Governor Nasir Idris has given him such an important responsibility because Alhaji Faruq is committed to the job; he has to stand up for the trust Governor Nasir Idris Kauran Gwandu has shown in him by delivering a successful Hajj operation. It’s the best opportunity for Alhaji Faruq to serve in such a prestigious position.


Governor Nasir Idris came back from attending the Police Council meeting in Abuja at the Presidential Villa and took process updates from Alhaji Faruq.

It’s inspiring to witness his faith and dedication to carrying out this revered religious duty with utmost success. While adressing the staff and well-wishers, Alhaji Faruq Aliyu Yaro expressed his reliance on his god for guidance and assistance in fulfilling his obligations.

Alhaji Faruq Aliyu also enlightened his ideas on the visa arrangements for the 2024 Hajj, and he said that visas will be issued upon complete payment of Hajj fares.

This streamlined process will ensure a smoother experience for intending pilgrims.

Along with this, he also stated that the visa portal is already open and urged all intending pilgrims to hurry up and get done with their payment of 4.5 Million within the two-week deadline.

It’s essential to take advantage of this opportunity and secure their place for the pilgrimage.


Lastly, Alhaji Faruq Aliyu Yaro expressed his appreciation to Alhaji Sani Idris Abarshi, the Secretary of the agency, for his warm welcome and support for his leadership.

Alhaji Faruq Musa Yaro also recognised the efforts of other board members regarding them as iconically capable personalities.

He also added that their collective expertise and dedication will undoubtedly contribute to the best Hajj operation for the upcoming pilgrimage.

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