Kenya: PS Mary Muthoni meets End Malaria Council dicuss stratagies

Principal Secretary State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards, Mary Muthoni Muriuki, HSC, held a highly significant meeting with a team from the End Malaria Council in Kenya. The meeting took place on Tuesday, June 28, 2023. The ministry of health shared the update of the meeting on social media.

Further, According to the reports shared by the ministry, the focus of this meeting was to discuss a powerful partnership with the Ministry of Health. Additionally, Through this meeting they were working towards eliminating malaria through comprehensive initiatives.


The meeting between the Principle Secretary Muriuki and End Malaria Council also explored various impactful strategies. The stratagies in question include: 

  • A Malaria Social Behaviour Change Communication Campaign, 
  • establishment of community health clinics in high malaria burden areas, 
  • deployment of new tools to combat this life-threatening disease.

The collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the End Malaria Council is one of the most crucial partnerships for the future. Accordingly, Principal Secretary Muriuki welcomed this partnership warmly. She also recognized the critical role of their collaboration in advancing the Universal Health Coverage agenda.

  The Ministry aims to maximize the impact of these upcoming activities. This would be done by by leveraging the Council’s expertise and exposure to best practices from other jurisdictions

During the discussion that took place on Tuesday, June 28, The Principal Secretary divulged on the discussions of several critical issues. The Ministry of Health in Kenya is putting significant emphasis on the development of healthcare in the country. Thus, the ministry of health hosted a national high level dialogue on health financing.

PS Muriuki emphasized the importance of targeted interventions. She stressed on a clear engagement framework at the national, county, and community levels. This holistic approach ensures a unified effort in addressing the challenges posed by malaria in Kenya. 

During the meeting, PS Mary Muthoni Muriuki acompanied Council Chairman Chris Getonga, Secretary Dr Willis Akwale, and Coordinator Anne Sumbeiywo. The meeting showcased a united front and an unwavering commitment to working together towards a malaria-free Kenya.


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