Pakistan govt ignoring climate crisis for Real estate gains

The government of Pakistan is struggling to find a solution to the climate crisis plaguing the nation. Meanwhile, the same government works on a disastrous real estate project near Lahore in Punjab

The government of Pakistan is struggling to find a solution to the climate crisis plaguing the nation. Meanwhile, the same government works on a disastrous real estate project near Lahore in Punjab. The experts have suggested that the real estate project will bring ecological issues for the country’s people.

The project is throwing out thousands of farmers in the area. The project will also alter the course of River Ravi drastically. The altering of the river will result in constant floods in the rainy season. The country recently struggled with floods in 2022.


This crisis resulted in the wheat crisis, which is still in continuity, massive population displacement and several deaths. Under Shehbaz Sharif’s leadership, the Pakistani government has been making several efforts to get a vote of sympathy from the world for their troubles. Through this, they also seek to get funding for rebuilding purposes.

Reports suggest that Pakistan’s government supports the real estate project in Lahore. However, this has led several international experts to believe that Pakistan needs to be more serious about resolving its current crisis. Due to the floods of 2022, a large part of Pakistan’s population struggles to afford necessities. The country is facing a serious flour crisis, which has, so far, killed several people.

The other basic food items are also available in shortage and have witnessed a tremendous price increase. To find a solution to the crisis, the government needs to increase wheat production. Accordingly, they need to grant the farmers access to increased cultivation of wheat, better irrigation and fertiliser. However, the Lahore real estate project promises results opposite to these expectations.

The experts believe that the problems within real estate development will lead to a worsening climate crisis. Human Rights Watch published a report in early April. The report showed how Pakistan was running contrary to its claim of being a victim of climate change. While the real estate project will benefit the people in business, it will prove catastrophic for the rest of the country.

The government is replacing acres of fertile agricultural land and giving the area to the real estate project. This will eventually result in a major climate catastrophe. The government is acting on the advice of the armed forces, one of the project’s major profiteers. For this, they are going against the advise of the climate experts, repeatedly cautioning them of the repercussions of the project.

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