Timothy Nwachukwu talks about corruption in election

Amb Timothy Nwachukwu, has taken to his social media account ahead of the presidential elections to call out prevalent corruption in the electoral procedure.

Good Governance Advocate, Political Analyst and Media and Communication Aide of Gambo Manzo, Amb Timothy Nwachukwu, has taken to his social media account ahead of the presidential elections to call out prevalent corruption in the electoral procedure. He has further used the opportunity to defend the Naira Redesign strategy of the present government of Nigeria.

Ambassador Nwachukwu also serves as the President of the Youth Advocates For Peace Justice and Empowerment Network. Consequently, he regularly takes to his social media accounts to share his views about politicians and political affairs.


Recently, he expressed his views concerning the upcoming elections. According to Ambassador Nwachukwu, Many Nigerians are yet to realise that the introduction of the new naira note is one of the last options to save Nigeria from political hawks who have held the nation on the jugular.

He believes that a credible candidate who cannot offer money to voters (vote buying) may lose an election without recourse to his credibility.
In this regard, he added, President Buhari and the CBN governor know that most politicians will offer money to the electorates in the forthcoming election.

Hence, he credits the two individuals for working hard through the new naira policy. The policy is put in place to ensure that Politicians do not have the currency they need to prosecute the election.

Adding to this view, Ambassador Timothy Nwachukwu noted that Nigerians must realise that despite the efforts of the CBN, some banks are trying to frustrate the efforts of CBN by exchanging the new naira notes directly with top politicians.

Finally, he noted that it’s unfortunate that many citizens, especially those in rural areas, will experience a high level of hardship due to the non-availability of the new notes. However, This will be a temporary pain. According to him, afterwards, the policy shall save Nigeria and the glory of this nation restored. He believes that it will happen through a credible and competent president’s emergence.

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