Kaduna: Dust pollution causing health problems at Kabala West

The locals are urging Senator Uba Sani to pay a visit

The Kabala to Nariya Major Road Abandoned Project is in progress now. The project was approved by the Former Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai.

Because of the type of construction process, the people around are not that happy, especially traders.


The main reason for this is the dust they get every day at Kabala West and Nariya, Kaduna.

The locals are urging Senator Uba Sani to please visit and rescue their cause; according to the people living there, this is getting unbearable for them.

Notably, the traders who run businesses beside this road inhale the killer dust from morning till night every day.

Kids also commute to the schools, which are located beside the road, and they inhale dust from morning to closing hour and still walk in the contaminated dust to their homes.

The primary Health Care Centre is also located beside the road. Commercial Drivers, Tricycle Riders and Commercial Motorcyclists also work in the dust from morning till night every day. Residents can no longer dress to work in good clothes.

Along with this, the food, water and atmosphere also get contaminated every second. This is quite clear that the health of the people residing there is in total danger.


According to people, the most painful part of all is that all the major roads in Tudun Wada and Street road projects that were approved together with the Kabala West to Nariya Major road have been completed, but only Kabala West to Nariya Major Road was abandoned.

The situation is getting out of hand; inhalation of dust can raise many dangerous health issues, including heart diseases, strokes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lower respiratory infections and the most dangerous among them are Progressive Massive Fibrosis (PMF) or lung cancer.

Dust pollution mainly causes irritation in the eyes, throat and skin.

The government promised no segregation to the people of Kaduna, but the masses felt that it was happening.

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