Bauchi impact project to commence soon

Governor Bala Abdul Kadir Mohammed met the implementation team.

Governor Bala Abdul Kadir Mohammed has ensured the Bauchi people that healthcare service delivery remains his administration’s prominent priority for continued development.
He addressed the impact project when he went into the audience. The project coordinator of the immunisation plus and malaria-related projects said that the projects are in progress. He said that they are looking forward to accelerating coverage and performing various services on the impact project, as the World Bank has also assisted them with crucial investment.
Represented by the secretary to the state government, Barr Ibrahim Mohammed Kashim, since governor Bala Abdul Kadir became the governor of the Bauchi state, he has been meeting the Abuja state administration officials over fifteen per cent budgetary allocation for the health sector.
He said that intervention of this nature would assist greatly in addressing the challenges in the health sector.
The national project coordinator of Impact Project, Dr Amina Abdul Mohammed, had earlier commended Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed for investing in the health sector and that the Impact Project would assist in strengthening immunisation plus activities and other health services for continuous development.
Bauchi is developing as ongoing projects are going at a good pace. Some of the ongoing projects are the electrification/supply of relief transformer at Ningi/warji project on which Muby international limited, the Ongoing rural Electrification of 6 communities project and the kirfi-beni Shango project are under the supervision of Damsal nig. Ltd. Lastly, one more ongoing project is the Electrification of the Zalau / magma gari project.
Governor Bala Abdul Kadier has also declared his Bauchi project, which was a visionary project for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration.
Governor Bala once also mentioned that his Bauchi project has also guided the development of the Bauchi State Medium Term Development Plan 2021-2025 as the roadmap to achieve the desired objectives.

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