Governor Umaru Bago promotes religious peace at ‘Shout’

The statement came at the 5th annual gospel music concert named "Shout."

5th annual gospel music concert named “SHOUT” in 2023 was held at the Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi Conference Centre, Minna.

Niger State Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago has called on Nigerian people to embrace peace, be religiously tolerant and shun all forms of violence.


The Governor described the event as a platform to spread the gospel of unity through music and raised concern about how people have allowed themselves to be divided along religious lines.

The event, which featured different gospel singers, attracted thousands of worshipers from within and outside Nigeria.

The Governor said he was at the event to express his gratitude to God and the people for his election victory and added that it would bring bonding and religious harmony amongst the adherents of the two major religions.

The Governor said he was at the event to express his gratitude to God and the people for his election victory and promised to convert the Trade Fair Complex Minna to a Square to provide a more accommodating venue for next year’s event.

He also assured people that his administration was putting all its efforts into ending insecurity between religions, ethnicities and people in general.

Governor Umaru Bago then urged the people to support the present administration in the realization of the “New Niger”, devoid of religious, tribal or gender sentiments.


The Governor was alongside his Deputy, Comrade Yakubu Garba, Chief of Staff Abdullahi Usman Gbatamangi and other top government officials.

Governor Umaru Bago recalled his campaign last year, in which he attended “Shout,” where he solicited votes from those at the event and promised to return for Thanksgiving this year.

Pastor PeterRock Sadiq, the resident Pastor of House on the Rock, Minna, is the convener of “Shout”.

Intriguingly, the former commissioner for internal security Emmanuel John and the immediate past chairman Christian Association of Nigeria Niger State Chapter, Reverend Mathias Echioda, appreciated the event and stated that the Niger Christians are proud of Pastor Peter Rock Sadiq for representing the body of Christ and bringing believers together annually in a large number and prayed for permanent peace and testimony in the lives of people.

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