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Nollywood Couple Adeniyi Johnson and Shai blessed with twins

Popular Nigerian actor Adeniyi Johnson and his wife have become parents. The couple shared the good news on their social media account. At the same time, they confessed that they had been waiting for the arrival of their children for several years.

Nigeria: NLC go on strike against Abia Government

All affiliates of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Abia State have been instructed to begin an indefinite strike against the state government. On February 27, the President of the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE), Martin Uzoegwu, issued a statement urging NUEE members to join the strike.

India: Olaf Scholz hopes to smoothen travel between India-Germany for IT

The Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, is visiting the Silicon Valley of India in Bengaluru. During the trip, the German Chancellor shared that the country hopes to simplify travel for Information Technology experts in India. After this, the IT experts of India will be able to get work visas in Germany.

Saint Lucia: Ernest Hilaire shares update on Ciceron Playing Field rehabilitation

The Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Ernest Hilaire, came on his social media account to share an update regarding the rehabilitation of the Ciceron Playing Field.

Pakistan agency ISI assist Waris Punjab De leader Amritpal’s media campaign: Sources

Pakistan's intelligence agency, ISI, has given the social media promotion of Khalistani Separatist and Leader of Waris Punjab De Amritpal Singh. The Intelligence agency has received funding from several indirect sources in Canada, the United Kingdom (UK) and other countries to boost the social media activity of the Khalistan activist.

India calls out Pakistan for harbouring Terrorists at UNGA

Counsellor Pratik Mathur, a member of India's Permanent Mission to the UN, called out Pakistan for being the nation that harbours terrorists.

Pakistan threatens deportation of Uyghur Muslims communities

The authorities in Pakistan have threatened to deport Uyghur refugee families back to china. The police authorities claim that the families no longer have the legitimate documents to continue living in Pakistan

Elections 2023: Burna Boy urges INEC to “let Nigerians Decide” through instagram story

Burna Boy, one of Nigeria's most renowned musical stars, recently took to his Instagram story to urge the INEC to allow the Nigerians to elect their president. The music phenomenon of Nigeria directed his request to the Independent National Electoral Commission ahead of Nigeria's most anticipated presidential elections in February 2023.

Saint Lucia: PM Philip J Pierre lauded Julien Alfred for athletic records

Philip J Pierre, has taken to his social media account to congratulate the Saint Lucian Athlete who represented the island in several international events such as the commonwealth games Julien Alfred.

Nigeria: Chairman of INEC addresses official opening of presidential collation centre

The chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Professor Mahmood Yaku, made a public address during the official opening of the presidential collation centre for the 2023 general election which was held at the Africa hall, international conference centre, Abuja, Sunday, February 26 2023.

Balochistan witnesses increase in women abductions

The people of several areas of Balochistan, Quetta, Kech, Karachi, Khuzdar and Mand, are staging continuous protests in various regions of Pakistan against enforced disappearances of women in Balochistan.

Tayo Aina shares views about Nigeria Election 2023

Nigeria held their most anticipated elections to select a new head of state on February 25, 2023. The polls were one of the most significant in modern history. Renowned Nigerian Youtuber Tayo Aina has taken to his social media to share his opinion regarding the elections. In his video, the YouTuber discussed urged the people to vote.


Latest articles

Cameroon: Buea University student commits suicide due to heartbreak

Leki Precious, a final-year student at the university of Buea in Cameroon, committed suicide after her boyfriend ended their relationship.

Amnesty International hosts Instagram session on gender violence

Amnesty International is hosting an interactive session on Instagram on Combating Online Gender-Based Violence. The session will take place on Saturday, March 25.

Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit shares update on Housing project in Scotts Head

The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, shared a critical and exclusive update about the construction of the housing project in Scotts Head community The Prime Minister asserted that his government is forging ahead with the construction of housing units in several communities across the country.

Land of Hope rescues Peter from torturous family

Land of Hope- The Non-Government Organization rescues children accused of being witches and saves them from being tortured and abused by their families in the name of superstitions recently shared the story of their newest rescue, Peter.