Human Rights agencies urge pakistan to stop attacks on Opposition

The organizations like Equidem, CIVICUS, Amnesty International and Forum Asia, working for the protection of human rights has urged the government to stop clamping down on the opposition. 

The opposition party in Pakistan finds itself in a tight situation with the administration imposing mass arrests, arbitrary detentions and vague charges of anti terrorism laws. In this regard, Amnesty International and other significant human rights associations can come forward to call on the government. The organizations working for the protection of human rights has urged the government to stop clamping down on the opposition. 

Former Prime Minister of the country, Imran Khan who is the chief of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf has also argued that the government is trying to arrest him under highly vague charges. The police officials arrested the opposition political leader which led to several protests in the country. Accordingly, the law-enforcement authorities also arrested several supporters of the political leader. The international human rights associations have condemned these actions on part of the government. 


The authorities have urged the government of Pakistan to release all those individuals who they arrested solely for exercising their right to freedom of peaceful assembly. Several organizations made these demands jointly on tuesday. These organizations include Equidem, CIVICUS, Amnesty International and Forum Asia. These organizations have urged the government to stop their actions against the opposition. 

Meanwhile, Information Minister of Punjab, Amir Mir had revealed that they plan to use footage, geofencing and WhatsApp surveillance to arrest 5000 individuals who were involved directly in the attacks on government and military property. The attacks in question occurred on May 9 led to significant damage to public property. Accordingly, the minister believes that it is important to arrest wrongdoers for their involvement in the criminal offense. 

The Minister added that out of 4000, they would hold trial for 800 in military courts and anti-terrorism courts. These claims raised serious human rights concerns for the international agencies. Accordingly, the high Court of Lahore assured them that they will hold the trials for offenders under ordinary Pakistan Laws. Additionally, Lahore High Court ordered the release of 123 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf political workers on May 21. The courts made sure that no human rights violations take place in Pakistan

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