12 dead, 50 missing following attack in Nigeria

Media outlets of Nigeria have reported of an incident where at least 12 people were killed in an attack in northeastern Nigeria's Taraba State

Multiple media outlets of Nigeria have reported of an incident where at least 12 people were killed. The media reported the incident from northeastern Nigeria’s Taraba State over the weekend.

According to local media of the Taraba State, the incident occurred at Mubizen, a Fulani community in the Pangri District.


The attackers arrived in the community on Sunday. They were wearing uniforms and posing as members of a local vigilante group. They entered the Pangri District area, where the Fulani community’s people reside. They then unleashed their deadly acts on the people of the community.

According to a source, who is suspected to be the eye-witness, “The attackers said they came to the community to arrest suspects. In the process, they opened fire on the people unrestrained, killing 12 people on the spot.”

Fifty people who were involved in the attack are yet unaccounted for. Most of these people were women and children.

The attackers who had broken into the community, left 130 cattle from the community, following the attack.

According to the reports, Usman Abdullahi, Taraba State’s police spokesperson, said four suspects have been arrested in connection with the attack.

Bandit attacks are hardly an uncommon sighting in the various parts of Nigeria. Recently, the number of such instances have increased, prompting several authorities to take precautionary measures.


School authorities closed over 600 schools in Nigeria, in light of the increasing number of incidents relating to armed attacks by bandits, kidnapping and robbery. This step was mandatory as a part of an effort to protect the students of the schools.

Such attacks add to the issues of insecurity that have riddled Nigeria for decades. The government of Nigeria is also struggling to contain terrorism within its borders. The government is making all the possible efforts to decrease the intensity of such incidents and events.

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