Saint Lucia CIP head Mc Claude Emmanuel works diligently to make CBI programme more effective

The head and CEO of the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIP) of Saint Lucia - Mc Claude Emmanuel, is working diligently to make the programme more effective for high-profile people around the world.

Saint Lucia: The head and CEO of the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIP) of Saint Lucia – Mc Claude Emmanuel, is working diligently to make the programme more effective for high-profile people around the world. Launched in 2016, the CBI programme of Saint Lucia is the newest in the Caribbean region and has proved itself as one of the top performers.

The programme has witnessed a huge demand rise since Emmanuel assumed the CEO position at the CIP unit. The increasing demand for the CBI programme of Saint Lucia is because of its security and advancement.


The nation’s Citizenship by Investment Unit is dedicated to making the programme a beneficial investment option on which investors could rely blindfolded.

Furthermore, the Saint Lucia CIP unit continues to bring positive changes and adapt to meet the requirements of the 21st century and has maintained its position as one of the most popular CBI programmes around the globe. It has emerged as the perfect choice for an applicant who doesn’t want to avoid border limitations and is looking for perfect business opportunities.

Notably, Mc Claude Emmanuel is working hard to move ahead with plans to position itself as a worthy Plan B for global investors in the investment mobility industry.

As the whole world is dealing with uncertainty, HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals) are looking for a stable, safe and peaceful location in which they could move or begin their businesses. Economic citizenship has emerged as the right choice for such people. Investors get the opportunity to safeguard and grow their wealth by investing in alternative citizenship, which further helps diversify their portfolio and plan their wealth accordingly.

The basic focus of the CIP head, Emmanuel, is to carry out stringent, robust and scrutinised due-diligence procedures to ensure that only honest and legal investors get alternative citizenship of the island. He further explained that applications from each investor would go through strict guidelines and due diligence checks by an independent third-party firm and the CIP Unit to cross-check that applicants are reputed.

In a statement, the CIP head made sure that the new policies, agendas, and programmes are being continually adopted to make the CBI programme of Saint Lucia the number one choice of investors worldwide.


To attract HNWIs and business people from around the globe, the CIP unit of Saint Lucia has changed the regulations of its programme. It announced bold strides in offering alternative investment options in the most developed and diverse economy of Saint Lucia.

The new amendments took place from January 1, 2023, and included the replacement fee for a lost or even damaged certificate to USD 500, which earlier was USD 100. A cost of USD 7500 has also been applied for the developers, including due diligence and background checks, investing under the CIP-approved real estate or enterprise project.

If the investor is investing in the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund, there is an increased fee for an additional dependant who is 12 months or below, i.e. USD 5000, which earlier was USD 500.

The investment under the real estate option has also been reduced from USD 300000 to USD 200000. Notably, a new investment option named Bond Offer has been launched in which investment could be made by purchasing non-interest-bearing Government bonds.

The bond purchase amount for the applicant and all qualifying dependents of any number would be USD 300000 for five years. The Administrative fee for the same will be USD 50,000.

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