Mauritius: Revamping of Professional Drivers Training Centre launched

Mauritius: A project concept vision workshop in the context of a revamping exercise being carried out to transform the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD) Professional Drivers Training Centre into a modern Driver Training and Education Centre was held yesterday morning at the MITD in Phoenix.

The workshop regrouped a Transactional Advisor from the Price Waterhouse Coopers of India and relevant stakeholders concerned by this revamping exercise. This exercise is being driven by the Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail, the Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training, and the MITD.


Present on the occasion, the Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail, Alan Ganoo, observed that the current system for the obtention of a driving licence is proving to be obsolete with the changing environment, the increasing vehicle density on roads as well as the rapidly evolving technologies in vehicles, and hence needs to be reviewed.

On this note, he expressed satisfaction that this revamping project is advancing within the set timelines and that the vision of the Government to provide a State-of-the-Art Facility to driving instructors and learner drivers will soon materialise.

The facility, Ganoo pointed out, will be equipped with infrastructures that will allow learner drivers to experience real-life situations, adding that they will be taught new methods of driving, including defensive driving.

“Learner drivers of private vehicles, including motorcycles and Heavy Weight Vehicles, will benefit from the modern Driver Training and Education Centre,” he added.

Moreover, the Minister remarked that lately, there has been an increase in the number of fatal accidents in Mauritius and observed that most of the accidents are caused by the reckless behaviour of drivers and riders.

He also pointed out that many motorcyclists are riding without a licence and therefore do not have adequate training. “This situation is alarming as riders, including pillion riders, represent around 40 % of people killed in the fatal accidents which have occurred from January 2023 to date,” he said.


On this note, Minister Ganoo stressed that the revamped Professional Drivers Training Centre will enable the setting up of a new licensing system and the delivery of actualised training and will contribute to bringing a new culture of driving in Mauritius.

As regards today’s workshop, Mr Ganoo outlined the various topics that will be covered during the meeting, including mapping skillset, trainer requirements and capacity building, and financial implications.

He underlined that his Ministry will work in close collaboration with all the stakeholders, especially the MITD, to facilitate the implementation of the project adding that participants’ suggestions and ideas during the workshop will be taken on board for the upcoming project.

It is recalled that a first kick-off online meeting was held with the Transactional Advisor in June 2023 and focused on topics such as: Need Assessment, Project Conceptualisation and Configuration; Financial Viability and Public Private Partnership Structuring; Procurement Process; and the Way Forward.

Before working out the project’s feasibility study, the Transactional Advisor and his team effected a first visit at the MITD where they had consultative meetings with various stakeholders.

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