Tayo Aina explores Morocco in his new video, read details

Nigerian Youtuber and social media influencer Tayo Aina shared a new video on his youtube. In this video, he travelled to Morocco to explore the side of Africa that people do not experience on TV.

Nigerian Youtuber and social media influencer Tayo Aina shared a new video on his youtube. In this video, he travelled to Morocco to explore the side of Africa that people do not experience on TV. The traveller and storyteller gave his viewers an exclusive glimpse into Africa. True to his travelling style, his video gave unique information unavailable to the general public through any other source.

In his youtube video, he travelled across the major cities of Morocco, exploring what this North African country has to offer. He started in Casablanca. The city has the biggest functional mosque in Africa. Afterwards, then Aina travelled across the country to the town of Marrakesh. Here, he took the opportunity to explore the famous city of Medina. The place is a major religious centre and offers exciting activities in Morocco.


Finally, Tayo Aina ventured to the Atlas Mountains, attempting to climb the snow-covered Peaks. He wanted to see the seven waterfalls of the mountains. The journey will take seven days, and he tried to challenge me by keeping my whole trip under one thousand dollars.

He took the opportunity to explore the most visited place in Africa: Morocco. The country is the fifth biggest economy in Africa, and the city has over 4 million people living in it. Tayo Aina shared that he thought he would struggle when he first came to the country. However, he confessed that it was nice. The weather is nice, and the food is good. Moreover, the concept of the ecosystem is starting to develop. He shared that people have access to a lot of opportunities here.

To start the journey, Tayo Aina landed in Casablanca, the major business district of Morocco. The hotel where the YouTuber stayed during his trip was located alongside the port of Casablanca. The place is one of the largest artificial ports in the world and the second-largest port in North Africa. The Youtuber stated that Another Landing of significance takes place at Casablanca.

As they arrive in Morocco, the streets of Casablanca, you can already tell that this is the country’s Economic and Business Center making it the most popular city in the Margaret Bridge, which consists of all the North African countries except Egypt.

Tayo Aina confessed that as someone who spontaneously travels to places across the world, he was fascinated by the architecture and level of development of Casablanca. He added that walking around. You can see a lot of European and Arab influences. Most of this happens because of its geographical location and closeness to Europe. I noticed many people here spoke French, one of the three major languages.

Aina stated that you would have an edge if you knew how to speak French. I still don’t speak French, but I found waste. Like Morocco, we have two races we have Arabs in Berbers. He said he did not expect I would have never imagined Morocco to be a francophone country. He looked deeper into the situation and realized why France and Morocco have a long and complex history.


Morocco’s History with the French

Morocco was formerly a French colony and only achieved this Independence from France on March 2nd 1956. The country has constantly been fighting to be in charge of its territories. Morocco faced external threats to its sovereignty back then, with Portugal seizing some part and the Turkish Empire encroaching from the East.

Because of Morocco’s strategic location near the mouth of the Mediterranean and bordering the Atlantic Ocean, many European countries wanted to own a piece of this beautiful country. Accordingly, in 1912 France and Spain divided the country into respective protectorates. Thankfully the citizens of Morocco revolted against colonial rule. They eventually regained this Independence and reunified

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