Nigeria’s World Cup qualifier draw raises questions about Coach Peseiro’s leadership

Nigerian football enthusiasts were left in shock as the Super Eagles were held to a 1-1 home draw by Lesotho in a crucial 2026 World Cup qualifier

Nigerian football enthusiasts were left in shock as the Super Eagles were held to a 1-1 home draw by Lesotho in a crucial 2026 World Cup qualifier.

The match, which took place on Thursday in the southern Nigerian city of Uyo, saw the three-time African champions struggling against the 153rd FIFA-ranked Lesotho team, leading to a wave of frustration and disappointment among fans.


Despite the absence of star forward Victor Osimhen, who was sidelined due to injury, expectations were high for Nigeria to secure a decisive victory in the opening game of their World Cup qualifying campaign.

However, the team’s failure to clinch a win has resulted in widespread criticism, with much of the anger directed towards Portuguese coach Jose Peseiro.

Peseiro, 63, has become the scapegoat for the disappointing performance, as fans and pundits express their discontent with the coach’s tactics and decision-making.

The well-travelled former Venezuela coach was never a popular choice to lead the Super Eagles, and his selection has been met with scepticism from the beginning.

The decision to extend his contract until next year’s Africa Cup of Nations has only fueled the criticism, raising questions about the Football Federation’s faith in his ability to guide the team to success.

The draw against Lesotho has intensified the scrutiny of Peseiro’s leadership, with fans questioning his strategies and player selection.


The Super Eagles found themselves trailing early in the game, forcing them to mount a comeback against a team that, on paper, they should have dominated. The inability to secure a convincing victory on home turf has left supporters disillusioned and eager for answers.

While the absence of Victor Osimhen undoubtedly posed a challenge for Nigeria, critics argue that a team of the Super Eagles’ calibre should have been better equipped to handle such situations.

Peseiro’s tactical decisions during the match are under particular scrutiny, with many questioning whether the coach is the right fit to guide Nigeria through a challenging World Cup qualification campaign.

The decision to extend Peseiro’s contract despite the growing discontent among fans adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

The Football Federation’s faith in the Portuguese coach will be put to the test as they assess the team’s performance in the upcoming qualifiers and the Africa Cup of Nations.

As the Nigerian football community grapples with the aftermath of the unexpected draw, the focus remains on Peseiro and his ability to steer the Super Eagles back on course.

The road to the 2026 World Cup has just begun, and the pressure is mounting for a swift turnaround in fortunes for one of Africa’s football powerhouses.


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