Davido: Police start investigations into Son Ifeanyi’s death, autopsy likely

The death of the three-year-old son of Popular Nigerian American musical star, Davido came as a rude shock for the fans of the musical star across the globe. Scores of fans and admirers of the musician and other celebrities took to their social media accounts to share their condolences with the aggrieved parents.

The Police have initiated an investigation into the untimely death of the three-year-old. So far, sources have ascertained that the police authorities of the Lagos state will conduct an autopsy to ascertain if Ifeanyi Adeleke died due to drowning in the swimming pool at his father, Davido’s residence in the banana island the state.


The source has further revealed that the call for autopsy is standard practice for cases like these. However, the source added that the police authorities would drop the idea if the deceased’s family members were against the procedure.

The family has not yet made an official statement regarding the incident. The family are still shocked by the incident.

In further elaboration, the source has added that the Police have interrogated the staff of the household of Nigerian Celebrity Davido. The authorities detained the cook and the nanny out of the eight staff members interrogated in reelation to the crime.

The nanny, whose job was to care for the safety and well-being of the three-year-old Ifeanyi Adeleke, has failed to uphold the (child’s) duty of care.

According to the source, “It was the job of the nanny to take care of the child; the nanny was negligent, or else how could the boy have left the house without her knowledge?”

Further, the source added, “The boy left the house, walked to the back where the swimming pool is situated and fell into the swimming pool. Nobody noticed until much later. At that point, he drowned and was at the bottom of the swimming pool.


SP Benjamin Hundeyin, The spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, confirmed the detention. He stated that I spoke with the DPO and that the authorities had detained the nanny and the cook. The police has released the other domestic workers brought in for questioning.”

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