Home quarantine rules for COVID-19 patients: Due to the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country, many people are still undergoing home quarantine and self-treatment. To help, the Alliance Ministry of Health has developed new guidelines for COVID-19 patients who have mild or asymptomatic symptoms at home.

The Ministry of Health recommends that patients always stay in a well-ventilated place and always wear a three-layer medical mask. In cross-ventilated areas, windows must be kept open to provide fresh air, and a three-layer medical mask must be worn at all times. He added: “If the guardian enters the room, both the guardian and the patient can consider wearing N95 masks.” The Ministry of Health also advises people not to try to take or inject remdesivir.

He said that the drug can only be taken in hospitals, and at the same time, the states and territories of the Union have received a free vaccination dose of nearly 16.16 rupees, and an additional 20 million doses of vaccine in the next three days. The Union of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said in a statement on Thursday. The statement also pointed out that among 16,16,86,140 cans, the total consumption including waste was 15,10,77,933 cans.

The ministry said in a statement: There are still much more than one billion doses of Covid vaccine available in every state and UT. The Joint Ministry of Health quoted some government officials in Maharashtra as saying that the state’s vaccines. The vaccination has already been completed, which had a negative impact on the vaccination campaign.

The Joint Ministry of Health stated that Maharashtra received a total dose of Covid vaccine on April 28 (8 BC) and received 1.63. 62,470. The ministry stated: “Consumption including waste (0.22%) is 1.56.12510. The state still has 749,960 doses of vaccine available to eligible people. In addition, 20.48 doses and 88 doses of Covid vaccine are administered.” On May 1, the strategy for the third vaccination phase against Covid-19 will be implemented on April 28.Potential beneficiaries can register directly in the CoWIN portal or through the Aarogya Setu app.

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