According to Gabriele Rakaite-Rakai, Surfshark’s communications manager, the Internet shutdown related to blocking access to social media platforms is “a response to protests or riots around the world”. The private network (VPN) service provider is one of the three countries/regions in the world, and it blocks social networks permanently or irregularly.

As of 2015, it is believed that the social media censorship tracker covers Internet practices in 185 countries/regions around the world. Surfshark updated the tracker for the last time on April 6, 2021. “In addition, India’s Telegraph Act of 1883 provides that the government can legally monitor its citizens. Racai told TelecomTalk in an email interview. Rather than empowering its citizens. Surfshark found that with Australia and Oceania, “there are no social media restrictions. Compared with the situation”, Asian and African countries “have stricter access to social media.”

In addition, restricting access to social media has also been described as “usually the product of undemocratic governments trying to suppress civil liberties.” NordVPN Digital privacy expert Daniel Marcusson quoted Freedom House’s assessment that the country saw a four-point drop in Internet freedom and left behind from the surveillance organization Freedom House. The world rated India as “partial freedom” and rated it as 51 in the 2020 Internet Freedom Index. “This leaves room for improvement, and we hope it will be activated soon. At the same time, it is reported that at the end of April, a serious data breach occurred in Dominos India, which resulted in the sale of credit cards of more than 1 million users on Dark. Detailed information.

According to Rakai, if a data breach occurs between multiple institutions, the personal data layer of many names (such as name, phone number, email address, address, and payment details) shall be stored along with credit card details. On dark Internet platforms like MobiKwik, organizations provide customer data protection. One way to minimize damage is to verify that your data has been leaked on the dark Internet.

Marcusson also said that users can protect them in a variety of ways. Privacy on the Internet, such as using unique passwords and multi-factor authentication. For example, multi-factor authentication, unique passwords, turning off Wi-Fi when not using Wi-Fi, turning on firewalls, etc.,” Marcusson said. Using a VPN that will hide your IP address and create a virtual tunnel to transfer data securely over the Internet is one of the best ways to protect privacy.

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