Korede Bello Prioritizes Fan Happiness Over Grammy Validation

The singer's comments reflect a broader conversation within the Nigerian music industry about the balance between international recognition and the intrinsic value of artistic expression

Nigerian Afrobeats star Korede Bello has emphasized the importance of making fans happy over receiving accolades like Grammy awards. In a recent interview, the former Mavin signee shared his perspective on whether Nigerian musicians should seek validation from foreign platforms.

In the midst of ongoing discussions about the relevance of international awards for Nigerian artists, Korede Bello stood firm in his belief that the happiness of his fans holds greater significance than any trophy. 


Addressing questions about whether Nigerian musicians should rely on platforms like the Grammys for validation, Bello articulated his perspective with clarity and conviction.

“I believe in making people happy through music rather than chasing after awards,” remarked the Afrobeats sensation during his latest interview. For him, the joy of knowing that his music resonates with audiences is a far more rewarding experience than receiving any accolade.

While acknowledging the prestige associated with nominations and awards, Bello expressed his belief that artists should prioritize the impact of their music on listeners. 

“When an artiste makes it to the nomination list of a prestigious award, I believe they are already winners,” he stated. However, he underscored the importance of commercial success as a measure of an artist’s achievement.

“It is where you work that you will eat. Part of artistes’ food is validation for our art,” explained Bello, highlighting the significance of recognition for artistic endeavours. 

He emphasized that validation serves as an inspiration for artists to continue creating meaningful and impactful art that resonates with audiences worldwide.


The singer’s comments reflect a broader conversation within the Nigerian music industry about the balance between international recognition and the intrinsic value of artistic expression. 

As Nigerian artists continue to garner attention on the global stage, questions arise about the extent to which they should seek validation from foreign institutions.

Korede Bello’s stance aligns with his recent actions as he celebrated his 28th birthday by releasing two new songs. The decision to mark the occasion with new music underscores his dedication to connecting with fans and sharing his creative expression with the world.

In an industry where accolades and awards often serve as benchmarks of success, Bello’s perspective offers a refreshing reminder of the profound impact music can have on individuals’ lives. 

As he continues his musical journey, it is evident that his focus remains steadfast on creating music that brings joy and inspiration to his audience.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, Korede Bello’s commitment to prioritizing fan happiness serves as a testament to the enduring power of music to uplift and unite people across cultures and continents. 

As he navigates the complexities of fame and recognition, Bello’s unwavering dedication to his craft sets an example for aspiring artists and established musicians alike.


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