Reimagining Higher Education: Lagos Set to Host Groundbreaking Conference on Innovation

Themed "What a Transformative Education Can Do for Nigeria," the conference promises to be a pivotal moment for educators, policymakers, and industry leaders alike

In a bid to chart a transformative course for Nigeria’s educational landscape amidst the advancing tide of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Lagos State is poised to welcome over 200 stakeholders from the education sector.

Scheduled for March 22, 2024, the eagerly anticipated Reimagine Education (RIE) event is set to unfold at the prestigious Landmark Events Centre, Victoria Island.


Themed “What a Transformative Education Can Do for Nigeria,” the conference promises to be a pivotal moment for educators, policymakers, and industry leaders alike.

Spearheaded by Ayopeju Njideaka, Chief Executive Officer and Lead Facilitator of NurtureHouse Consulting, alongside Mr. Veda Sunassee, CEO of Africa Leadership University, the event is already generating considerable buzz within educational circles.

Ahead of the conference, Kayta Nyangi, Director of Marketing – Strategy and Outreach at ALU, emphasized the significance of the discussions set to take place.

Nyangi underscored the timeliness of the event, highlighting its crucial role in fostering collaborative discourse on integrating Africa’s grand challenges into innovative learning paradigms.

“We are ready for the upcoming Reimagine Roundtable Event in Lagos this month,” Nyangi affirmed.

“There has been tremendous interest from education experts, and we envisage hosting a diverse range of attendees who will drive this talk on innovative education, which is paramount in solving the challenges of Africa and the world today.”


The conference aims not only to facilitate networking among attendees but also to forge valuable connections poised to elevate Africa’s educational standards.

Among the focal points of discussion will be ALU’s Innovative Learning Model, poised to revolutionize higher learning institutions across the continent by nurturing essential skills and outcomes among students.

Throughout the event, participants will engage in a dynamic array of activities, including panel discussions on ubiquitous and lifelong learning, alongside workshops delving into self-directed learning, leadership for innovation, and teaching emotional intelligence.

The Reimagine Education Conference holds a distinguished reputation for catalyzing meaningful change within Africa’s higher education sector.

By bringing together visionaries, educators, counsellors, parents, and discerning students in open dialogue, the conference has consistently paved the way for transformative initiatives.

Over the years, collaborative discussions at the Reimagine Education Conference have yielded tangible outcomes, driving innovation and progress across multiple African countries.

As the 2024 conference looms on the horizon, expectations run high for yet another milestone moment in the evolution of Africa’s educational landscape.

With a spotlight on innovation and adaptability in the face of technological advancement, the event promises to serve as a springboard for fostering educational excellence and equipping the next generation with the tools to navigate an ever-changing world.

As the countdown begins to March 22, 2024, educators, policymakers, and industry leaders eagerly anticipate the insights, collaborations, and groundbreaking ideas set to emerge from the Reimagine Education Conference.

In the heart of Lagos, a transformative journey beckons—one poised to reshape the future of education not only in Nigeria but across the African continent and beyond.


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