Lagos: Brake failure leads to terrifying accident with severe injuries on Apapa Bridge

The spokesperson disclosed that the overspeeding truck was ascending the bridge directly opposite the 'Sifax' Company by Ijora 'Olopa' when the accident transpired

Lagos, Nigeria: A frightening accident unfolded on the Apapa Bridge, leaving a trail of destruction and injuries in its wake.

The Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) spokesperson, Adebayo Taofiq, revealed in a press statement that the incident occurred due to overspeeding.


According to preliminary investigations, the ill-fated incident involved an articulated 40ft empty flatbed truck that lost control due to brake failure.

The truck was reportedly engaged in a fierce ‘Right of Way’ (R.O.W) struggle with another fully loaded truck while attempting to climb the High Bridge inward Apapa.

The spokesperson disclosed that the overspeeding truck was ascending the bridge directly opposite the ‘Sifax’ Company by Ijora ‘Olopa’ when the accident transpired.

The driver was found in a pool of blood, and the motor boy, suffering from a severe waist fracture, was promptly taken to the hospital for urgent medical treatment, even as the truck was being evacuated from the scene.

Eyewitnesses reported that immediately after the accident, fellow articulated truck drivers in the vicinity rallied to support LASTMA personnel.

Together, they successfully rescued both the injured driver and motor boy, who were trapped beneath the wreckage.


The rescue operation, led by LASTMA’s Goriola Jimoh ‘Zebra’ (Zone 22) Apapa, demonstrated a commendable display of solidarity in the face of adversity.

Officials from the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) Response Unit swiftly took charge of evacuating the crashed articulated truck.

Simultaneously, LASTMA personnel handed over the case to the police at Ijora–Badia Police Station for a thorough investigation.

Bakare Oki, the general manager of LASTMA, expressed his concern over the incident and issued a plea to articulated truck owners.

Oki urged them to prioritize periodic safety training and enlightenment campaigns for their drivers.

Emphasizing the importance of obeying road signs and adhering to speed limits, he underscored the critical role that responsible driving plays in preventing such tragic occurrences.

The Apapa Bridge incident serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for enhanced safety measures within the transportation industry.

As authorities delve into a comprehensive investigation, questions arise about the overall state of the roadworthiness of articulated trucks and the effectiveness of existing safety protocols.

In the aftermath of this unfortunate event, it is incumbent upon relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, truck owners, and drivers, to collaborate on implementing stricter safety standards.

This incident should catalyze a renewed commitment to ensuring the well-being of all road users and preventing similar calamities in the future.

As the affected individuals undergo medical treatment and the investigative process unfolds, the Apapa Bridge accident stands as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life on the bustling highways, urging all to prioritize safety above all else.


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