Cally air set to soar again to meet surge in demand during Calabar Festival

Flights are slated to recommence on November 30, as confirmed by Eno Utum Inah, the commissioner for aviation in Cross River

Calabar, Nigeria – In anticipation of a heightened demand during the upcoming Calabar Festival, the Cross River state government has announced the revival of its dormant virtual carrier, Cally Air.

Flights are slated to recommence on November 30, as confirmed by Eno Utum Inah, the commissioner for aviation in Cross River.


Cally Air, a joint venture between the state government and Aero Contractors, had faced challenges earlier this year, leading to a temporary suspension of operations.

The dispute stemmed from an issue involving a B737-300 and outstanding service fees totalling NGN900 million (USD 1.2 million), prompting the municipality’s withdrawal of support.

Despite the setback, Aero Contractors, the operator of Cally Air, continued using aircraft adorned with the airline’s livery for its own services.

Recently, a Cally Air-liveried B737-300 encountered a runway incident at Abuja, raising questions about the operational status of the carrier.

The decision to resume Cally Air’s operations comes not only as a strategic move to meet the expected surge in passenger demand during the Calabar Festival but also to address a sudden capacity vacuum created by the reported suspension of flights by Ibom Air.

The commissioner, Eno Utum Inah, highlighted the need to fill this void, emphasizing the importance of maintaining robust air connectivity during a critical period for the region.


However, Ibom Air swiftly refuted claims of a suspension, dismissing such speculations as an “underhanded business strategy.” The denial adds a layer of complexity to the evolving aviation landscape in the region.

As Cally Air prepares to take flight once more, questions linger about the resolution of the financial disputes and the future sustainability of the carrier.

Ch-aviation has contacted Aero Contractors for further insight and commentary on the latest developments. The aviation community watches closely as Cally Air prepares to re-enter the skies, navigating the challenges that come with the dynamic and competitive airline industry.


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