Gombe Line Township Shuttle

A Soothing Relief For Commuters Amidst High Cost Of Transport Fares Gombe Line Township Shuttle

The administration of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya introduced a town service shuttle to mitigate the daily transportation challenges faced by commuters within the Gombe metropolis.

These challenges were caused by the rise in transport fares caused by the removal of fuel subsidies in the country.


The administration of Governor Muhammadu did this through the State-owned Transport Company, popularly known as Gombe Line.

During the launch, the transport company officials stated that the decision to provide the township shuttle is consistent with Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s policy, which often revolves around the general welfare of the people.

Notably, this is the first time the Gombe State Transport Service has introduced such a welfarist transportation system since the creation of the State in 1996.

Until now, the decision to deploy a section of Gombe Line buses to meet the daily transportation needs of commuters within the State capital has since been greeted with great joy and excitement by car and non-car owners alike and generally described by residents of the Gombe metropolis as a favourable development.

The current situation concerning transportation in the Gombe metropolis was anguish and despair as residents within the state capital had to pay through their noses to meet their daily transportation needs.

The announcement of the removal of fuel subsidies by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu saw an astronomical rise in transport fares by almost 200 per cent across the country.


For instance, before the removal of the fuel subsidy, the maximum a passenger could pay for a drop within the Gombe metropolis was one hundred and fifty naira.

Today, however, the least a passenger pays for a drop within the State capital is between two hundred and fifty to three hundred naira.

Under the new legislation, commuters within the State capital will be charged one hundred naira irrespective of wherever they wish to go within the State capital.

The Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya administration mandated that the Gombe State Transport Service commence operations along the Bajoga Nafada and Dadinkowa routes before introducing the township shuttle.

The step was taken to cover the entire State effectively.

Moreover, passengers within the State who wish to access any part of it can now do so using the welfare transportation system introduced by the administration of Governor Inuwa Yahaya.

Nowadays, many opine that introducing the township shuttle and other intra-state routes will not only bolster economic engagements as it was in the past.

However, it will encourage social cohesion among the citizens of the State as well, given that transportation plays a pivotal role in the socio-economic economic development of a people.

All these projects are showing commendable progress under the leadership of Dr. Sani Sabo.

Dr. Sabo’s robustness and innovation in expanding the routes align with Governor Inuwa’s disposition towards the general welfare of the people.

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