A teacher beats a 4-year-old girl mercilessly

School authority rose in defence of the criminal act

A pre-primary school teacher beat a 4-year-old girl ruthlessly just because the child was a slow writer.

The incident took place in Ibadan, which is in Oyo state.


This heinous incident happened a couple of days ago.

A teacher named Mrs Ayoko Rachel teaches at Primeshire Kiddiesland Nursery/Pre-primary School, Eleyele Market, Ibadan, Oyo state.

Primeshire Kiddiesland Nursery/Pre-primary School
Primeshire Kiddiesland Nursery/Pre-primary School

According to the teacher, she physically dealt with the child because the child is a slow writer.

Intriguingly, the school didn’t take action against the teacher, rather, they stood with the heinous act, which is more upsetting.

People became furious after the incident and are asking the Oyo State Government, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Inclusion and human rights activists to look into the case.


A Human Rights Center, has reported the case to the appropriate authority for necessary action in line with the Rights of the Child in Oyo State.

A human rights activist named Oluwatoyin Balogun has also shared the news and asked people to connect her with the child and her parents, in the social media post caption she stated “This is highly unprofessional and the height of wickedness. Anyone with the contacts of the poster or the parents of this child should please contact me urgently. This was just brought to my notice, I’ve been in a meeting with the Minister all day.”

The name of the victim girl and other details are still unknown.

The incident becomes more distressing as the age of girl is just four years old, and such kind of incident happening at this age leaves a trauma in a child’s mind, which haunts the child for many years, such kinds of acts affect a child’s studies more than anything, this kills the confidence in the child.

If the teacher is found guilty, strong action should be taken against the teacher and the school authority.

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