Anja Ringgren Loven announces documentary with TVN

The founders of the Nigeria-based Non-Government have shared a significant update on a documentary they created as a team earlier in 2023. One of the Founders, Anja Ringgren Loven, shared that they can finally reveal that earlier this year, David and I made a new documentary in partnership with TVN called “Woman at the End of the World.”

The project was a Warner Bros. production. She expressed her delight in sharing the details of the documentary. The NGO has been working towards the welfare and development of children for over a decade. The founders of the NGO have expressed their pride in all the success that they have garnered in the last decade,


Talking about the documentary, Anja Ringgren Loven shared that “Woman at the End of the World” is a breathtaking series that takes you on a journey to the most distant and unique places in the world hosted by Martyna Wojciechowska. She is one of the editors of National Geographic magazine. Anja stated she is also the bravest woman who reached the Seven Summits.

The first episode of the documentary takes place in Nigeria. Martyna visits Land of Hope, follows the work of the NGO with the children, and comes with us on field and rescue missions in the local communities. Meanwhile, All this takes place in the first episode of the documentary.

Anja confessed that it is not easy for me to keep this secret because something happened during filming that I never thought would happen, and I cannot wait for the world to see.

She expressed that It will be very emotional, fascinating and powerful. The first episode comes out on 3 September.

A Cinema version of the documentary from Only Land of Hope was filmed and will premiere on 31 August in Poland. The NGO land of Hope’s founder stated that the producers have yet to reveal the documentary’s name.

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