“Saint Lucia has a appealing investment Climate” says CIP Head Claude Emmanuel

The Chief Executive Officer of the Citizenship By Investment Unit of Saint Lucia, Mc Claude Emmanuel, interacted with the founder and managing director of Citizenship Bay, Zaid Aldayriyeh, for an exclusive interview.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Citizenship By Investment Unit of Saint Lucia, Mc Claude Emmanuel, interacted with the founder and managing director of Citizenship Bay, Zaid Aldayriyeh, for an exclusive interview. During the said interaction, the CEO of the Citizenship By Investment unit of Saint Lucia commented on the increased demand for the programme among the High Net worth Individuals.

During the interview, Emmanuel noted that High Net Worth Individuals from across the globe have started looking at Saint Lucia as an ideal investment option for alternative Citizenship. He reasoned that investors find many opportunities to expand their businesses on the island. Accordingly, the Citizenship By Investment Programme offered by Saint Lucia is quickly emerging as one of the most lucrative and sought-after options.


Some of the reasons for the programme’s growing popularity are the lifetime benefits that the country offers its investors for a comparatively shorter time since the programme is relatively new to the addition to Citizenship Industry. At the same time, he pointed out that the programme enjoys a stellar reputation and employs several due diligence procedures to uphold the integrity of the programme.

Clarifying further, the CIP Head noted that the team under his jurisdiction carries out streamlined background checks. They ensure that the programme never compromises on and never compromises on the country’s reputation. The government of Saint Lucia launched the citizenship Programme in 2016. The Citizenship Unit, headed by Claude Emmanuel, ensures that all the background checks are carried out before awarding Citizenship to an applicant.

The CIP Head asserted that the authorities of Saint Lucia grant citizenship only to the applicants who can add value to the country and don’t put their brand in disrepute. Elaborating further on the growing reputation of the Citizenship Programme, he noted that Saint Lucia provides High Net Worth Individuals with a plethora of opportunities for business expansion in the field of business outsourcing, manufacturing and agri-business.

Accordingly, Claude Emmanuel believes Saint Lucia has a skilled workforce and an investment-friendly climate, which makes the country ideal to accommodate its investors’ needs. Here, the Chief Executive Officer took the opportunity to laud the prudent planning and comprehensive policies of the Citizenship by Investment Unit. He believes that the efforts of the CIP cause the programme to retain its top position in the fields of economic freedom, ease of doing business, and transparency.

Further, he pointed out that these factors make Saint Lucia’s Citizenship By Investment programme Uniquely appealing to people of High Net Worth. Saint Lucia is working diligently to ensure that their programme can remain ready for competition from its counterparts. At the same time, they also ensure that they are following the mandate that they have set out for the ever-increasing demand of investors for the Citizenship Programme of Saint Lucia.

Further, CEO Claude Emmanuel talked about the increased numbers of investors looking for Saint Lucia citizenship in the middle east. Claude Emmanuel  said that the unit had noticed a sharp increase in the number of applications from the markets in the Asia and Middle East Regions. He also noted that they expect the growth to remain continuous and steady.


Emmanuel further clarified that they had received increased applications from various new markets, including North America. He added that they expect more movement from the Chinese Markets after loosening the Covid-related restrictions.

Saint Lucia has been fast emerging as a lucrative option for people looking for wealth-planning and portfolio diversification options. Following the implementation of the new regulations for the Citizenship Programme, the CIP is working tirelessly to ensure that the programme remains in line with the modern age.

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