Nigeria responds to travel advisory issued by US and UK

In response to the advisories, the government stated that issues cannot be controlled by whatever any government tells its citizens to do.

Recently, the United States and the United Kingdom have issued an advisory urging the citizens of their respective nations to reconsider travelling to Nigeria owing to to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, and maritime crime.

In response to the advisories, the government of Nigeria stated that these issues cannot be controlled by whatever any government tells its citizens to do.


The media personnel have asked the authorities to comment on the situation. Following the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, the minister of Information and Culture, interacted with the media.

During the interview, Minister Lai Mohammad stated that despite the attempts of terrorists to embarrass the government of Nigeria, security agencies have recently been in charge of the situation.

This statement came from the backdrop of previous assurances he had given in front of the media. He insisted that citizens and non-citizens alike are safe in Nigeria.

While talking about the travel advisory, the minister stated that the government of Nigeria had taken a firm handle on security.

Further, he has termed the claims of the travel advisory as click-baiting. In his words, you find a story that is not verified and immediately share it, which always causes panic.

However, following this, he rushed to reassure the people that security agencies were on top of this matter.


Further, he stated, “Of course, the terrorists would not stop trying to embarrass or intimidate the government. However, I’m saying that this country is safe. And there’s no cause for alarm and no reason to panic.

The information and culture minister declared, “Unfortunately, many schools and shops were closed due to the travel advisory issued on Sunday, .

The travel advisory also disrupted travel plans. We don’t need it. The security – our soldiers and police- are working round the clock to contain any terrorist attack. This is where we stand.”

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