Nigeria: Court urges ASUU, Government to find amicable solution to issues

The Court of Appeal in Abuja urges the Government of Nigeria and the ASUU to take the time to resolve the dispute plaguing their relationship.

The Court of Appeal in Abuja urges the Government of Nigeria and the ASUU to take the time to resolve the dispute that has plagued their relationship for the last several months. The court has urged the two parties to find an amicable solution to the problem out of the court’s premises.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) have been observing a strike for months. The strike started in February 2022, wherein, some officials and academic staff demanded improved funding for their universities.


They also wanted the Federal Government to review and revise their salary for lectures, among other issues.

In a recent development, the lawyers of the Government and the ASUU appeared before the Court of Appeal. During this session, the court suggested the two parties to have a day to rethink.

The Appellate Court urged the two parties to sit together, hold discussions and come out with a solution.

Justice Georgewill, presiding over the two parties’ hearing, stated, “There is time for everything, war and peace. As Ministers in the temple of Justice, we want to see the two of you as Senior Lawyers encouraging and exploring an amicable settlement of this dispute.”

The Justice gave the two lawyers representing the Federal Government and the ASUU, James Igwe SAN and Femi Falana SAN, the responsibility to sit down as colleagues and fellow lawyers. He encouraged them to take a patriotic position and convey the same to their respective clients.

Justice Georgewill Biobele Abraham expressed his confidence in the two parties. He said they expected the two parties to return to court on Thursday, bearing good news.


Further, he added that if this happens, the two lawyers will be deserving of praise

The Federal government lawyer, James Igwe, thanked the judges for their sound advice and promised to look into the possibility. On the Other hand, the representative of ASUU, Falana, stated that he had initiated something similar, adding that he would be happy to do something more in the way of resolution.

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