Ovunda Ihunwo reflects on relationships in latest social media post

Actor, acting instructor and social media expert, Ovunda Ihunwo recently took to his social media account to share some of his views and reflections on relationships. He has been known to share some serious pearls of wisdom through his social media posts. His followers and admirers follow many of his advices and appreviate hi, for sharing his views on abstract and non-abstract concepts.

He believes that relationships come in various forms, and each one serves a specific purpose. However, not every relationship can be considered healthy or beneficial. In some cases, it is essential to keep some relationships at a safe distance to ensure your well-being.


Ihunwo noted that One of the most apparent benefits of this is that it protects your mental and emotional health. Toxic relationships can cause experiences of stress, anxiety, and even depression. He said that when we are in a toxic relationship, we may spend more time worrying about the other person’s problems than focusing on your own.

Moreover, Ovunda Ihunwo stated that keeping some relationships at a safe distance helps in maintaining one’s independence. He also added that it is important for self-growth. When you are too entangled in someone else’s life, One may lose sight of their own goals and aspirations. He believes that if a person maintains some distance, it helps you stay grounded and focused on your priorities.

He also recounted many other benefits of keeping distance. One is that it allows  people to prioritize relationships based on the value that they hold in an individual’s life. He noted that all relationships are not created equal. Some are more important than others. Accordingly, by keeping some relationships at a safe distance, you can prioritize more valuable ones and make the most of them.

Additionally, this practice can help free one from entanglements that may cost them a more valuable relationshi. Furthermore, it helps you stay grounded and focused on your priorities

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