World Citizenship Report 2023 published by CS Global Partners evaluates needs of global citizens

CS Global Partners- World’s leading government advisory and marketing firm has released the much-anticipated World Citizenship report 2023 under the title, “Freedom- The Shared Pursuit of Global Citizens”.

CS Global Partners- World’s leading government advisory and marketing firm has released the much-anticipated World Citizenship report 2023 under the title, “Freedom- The Shared Pursuit of Global Citizens”. The report evaluated the needs, wants and desires of the global citizens and determined the ranking of the countries in the World Citizenship Index (WCI); which has also been featured in the latest edition of this report.

The World Citizenship Index (WCI), WCR’s data-driven tool, measures 188 countries across five motivators that are most relevant among the newest generation of global citizens. The World Citizenship Report ranked Denmark at top with efficient scoring in the five motivators, while Switzerland fell to the second spot in 2023. WCR stated that across the seven continents, many nations unexpectedly outshone the larger and more economically developed countries by performing well in each motivator.


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The WCR stated that the report is ambitious product reflecting the evolving nature of these attitudes toward citizenship, and one that is in tune with the defining issues of our time with respect to global citizens, including health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and shifting investment priorities.

World Citizenship Report 2023 expanded their survey as compare to their 2022 edition and included the wider audience in order to gain a better perspective of what people prioritize in terms of their own nationality. The newly expanded audience covered 1000 mass affluent participants from across the globe.

On the report, Micha Rose Emmett- CEO of the CS Global Partners said that findings from the survey showed that while the research participants came from varied backgrounds and cultures, all with different needs and pain points, they all had one common goal: freedom.

She said, “In the 2023 edition of the WCR, they took a unique look at the needs of global citizens, because one’s nationality, and the rights enjoyed and the responsibilities required, should be considered from a personal perspective.”


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Micha Rose Emmett noted, ”The report deliver a data-intensive product thathighlights the importance of nationality, it also helps demystify the standing of each country in the world in the context of the motivators that determine what we consider important in our lives for us to thrive. This holistic approach concentrates on the factors that global citizens consider when deciding where to live, work, educate themselves and their families, and to place down secondary roots.”

In this year’s edition, she is so pleased to welcome the contributions from knowledgeable experts Andrew Skipper founder of Polymetis Professional Solutions and Alan Newton a London-based tech COO of virtuall.

The WCR highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each country through the assessment of five key motivators. The unique methodology of the WCR is a product of comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate 188 nationalities across five motivators of citizenship according to their value to a mass affluent population across the globe.

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The five motivators are as follows:

SAFETY AND SECURITY: World Citizenship Report 2023 stated that the motivator explained:

  • Ability to enjoy greater social safety and security for oneself and family
  • Safety net against being trapped in a territory with civil disorder
  • The Safety and Security motivator accounts for 25 per cent of a nation’s overall World Citizenship Index (WCI) score and measures the extent to which second citizenship can offer greater safety and security to the citizen.

ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY: WCR 2023 explained the motivator are as follows:

  • Ability to access the world’s greatest business hubs
  • Increased access to better employment prospects and business opportunities
  • The total weighting of the economic opportunity motivator. The resulting data indicates that East Asia dominates the top five positions of the ranking, securing three places with Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

QUALITY OF LIFE: According to the World Citizenship Report 2023, quality of life means

  • Access to territories with higher social and institutional stability
  • Higher standards of education and healthcare
  • The final scores of the Quality of Life motivator are calculated using a weighting of 75 per cent derived from human development, with 25 per cent of the motivator weighting attributed to environmental performance.

GLOBAL MOBILITY: WCR 2023 added that global mobility means

  • Empowering greater freedom to travel whether for leisure, lifestyle, or business
  • Insurance policy to enable travel for medical, safety, or environmental crises
  • Overall, 75 per cent of the final Global Mobility weighting is derived from the visa-free travel performance, with 25 per cent of the weighting attributed to business hub access.

FINANCIAL FREEDOM: World Citizenship Report 2023 stated that financial freedom means that:

  • Protecting assets from government overreach via geographical diversification
  • Facilitating wealth planning in a more tax-efficient manner
  • With a total weighting of 15 per cent, the nations with the greatest financial freedom come from a diverse set of regions, with the top three positions 15% going to Denmark, New Zealand, and Singapore.

World Citizenship Report stated that the top ten countries in 2022 and 2023 are remarkably similar with some movement up and down. Switzerland ranked number one in 2022, but fell to the second spot in 2023, with Denmark usurping the first spot in 2023. The Republic of Korea experienced the biggest drop, in 2022 it ranked at number 28, falling 20 spots to number 48 in 2023. The biggest climber was Sao Tome and Principe, which ranked at number 106 in 2022, climbing 27 spots to 79 in 2023.

Along with the report has also compared the two countries Denmark and Somalia and stated Denmark is generally considered to be a free country with high levels of political and personal freedom. Denmark is a democratic country with a constitutional monarchy, where the people have the right to vote and choose their own leaders.

WCR 2023 outlined Denmark received an overall score of 87.6, the highest ranking in the WCI. The nation received the highest score in the Financial Freedom motivator with 84 points and ranked second in the Quality of Life motivator with a score of 90.6.

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In stark contrast to Denmark, Somalia received an overall score of 24.9 ranking 152, the lowest in the WCR. Somalia has experienced significant political instability, violence, and human rights abuses. The Government has struggled to establish its authority throughout the country, and various armed groups continue to engage in conflict and commit human rights violations. In some areas, these groups control territory and impose their own laws and restrictions on the population.

Further, CEO Micha Rose Emmett talked about the Caribbean countries and said that interestingly, the Caribbean nations that offer citizenship byinvestment (CBI) maintained their positions in the top 30 per cent in 2023, which can be attributed to their political, economic, and societal stability. Countries like Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia all offer some of the world’s best second citizenship programmes and are serious trailblazers in the investment immigration industry.

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